The Great Depression and the Labor Union Movement in America – Annotated Bibliography Example

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The paper “ The Great Depression and the Labor Union Movement in America" is an impressive example of an annotated bibliography on history. Murray, R.(2000) in the book "America's Great Depression" analyzes the American great depression as the classic treatise the root causes of the depression. The author blames the government policies of intervention for magnifying the time, breadth, time, and the intensity of the depression. He explains the government’ s way of manipulation of cash supply that sets the stage for the clear bust of the boom of the modern market. I would use this reference to come up with all issues affecting workers in the world.

This I will do by comparing the stand the book has concerning the way that workers were treated during the great depression. Finally, it would be significant in highlighting various workers’ rights. America’ s Unions. .(2014). Samuelson Gompers. Retrieved from http: //www. aflcio. org/About/Our-History/Key-People-in-Labor-History/Samuel-Gompers-1850-1924Gompers became the unionism model in the USA, achieving economic goals through trade unions that were common nationwide and organized a locals network which he supported. Samuelson Gompers led the organization for almost half a century, until his death, and formed his own descriptions.

The AFL declared.   "To protect the skilled labor of America from being reduced to beggary and to sustain the standard of American workmanship and skill, the trades unions of America have been established” . To secure labor union rights for organizing and engaging in actions in the economy, the AFL and the affiliates launched an ultimately successful campaign that was far-reaching to elect members of the union and other candidates who are labor-friendly to political offices. The high point came as a political strategy during the government of Woodrow Wilson, when Gompers in association with the federation enjoyed great influence.

This book will be of help in identifying the role that unions play in the life of workers. By doing this, I will come up with a number of mechanisms that will aid in securing workers rights. It will be salient to make a stand on what the world needs to do concerning the significance of unions. The social studies help center. (2014). The labor union movement in America.   This reference states that by early 1820s, many unions involved themselves in the effort to reduce days of working from 12 to 10.

This led to an interest in the issue of joining federations to help propel this idea. This was to be in pursuit of this common goal for workers. Thought this first move seemed ineffective, it reflected the need for workers to get legal and economic protection from their employers who were exploitative. The steam engine intervention and the intensified use of water power for machine operations.

From the 1830s through the time of the Civil war, the system of the factory for a share that was ever-growing of the American production produced wealth for a few people and poverty for many. I would use this to identify all the legal mechanism and the protection mechanism for workers across the world. Secondly, I would write about the exploitative nature of the employer. Finally, I will try to lobby for thorough protection of workers. Sara, G. (2014,Feb 27). Northwestern football players make the argument for a union.

CNN U. S. According to Sara, the main argument during the hearing as Northwestern University tried to stop the football team from forming unions, before the National Labor Relations Board. Players in the university are fighting for recognition as campus employees forced to ensure that football comes first or face the risk of losing compensation in form of nill tuition. It is holding on the old stance of athletics that students who are athletes are students then athletes. If they win, there would be a set precedent that was in a position of turning around the NCAA.

This would enable players to demand concussion testing, care (medical), after graduating, scholarships that are guaranteed, and a portion of profits that are multi-million worth. The book would be significant in securing a chance for athlete students to enjoy their rights. This calls for labor unions that recognize the significance of players. They must be given priority on and off the pitch. Murray, R. (2002),   A History of Money and Banking in the United States. Auburn AL: Ludwig von Mises Institute.

According to this reference, it is not conducive for great all-inclusive production industry group applying some labor laws to the union workers. During the period of the great depression in the 30 s, many bodies and the congress made numerous legislation, tried to establish trade unions to hasten the policy prevailed in the 1920 s by leaders of business, the "high and intensifying wages were essential to a flow of purchasing power, therefore, applying to good business, " this was followed by its corollary, that " the book states that plummeting the income of labor is not a solution for business depression, it, however, is a contributory and direct cause.

Peter, S.(2014). United States government before the national labor relations board region 13.Chicago, IL: Northwestern University. The author of this book is noted for having shifted the primary American goal of unionism away from issues affecting the society towards wage issues, hours, working conditions, benefits, all that could be negotiated through bargaining that is collective. Peter advocates for the rights of the American workers in the period before serious labor unions came in place.

This led to an interest in the issue of joining federations to help propel this idea. This was to be in pursuit of this common goal for workers. This reference would be of significance in ensuring that labor unions are formed. More so, workers must be taught their rights and given amenity. Lastly, I would advocate for tough laws against worker mistreatment and denial of rights to be put in place.

Download free paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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