Homelessness in United Kingdom – Annotated Bibliography Example

The paper "Homelessness in the United Kingdom " is an excellent example of an annotated bibliography on sociology. Quilgars, Debrah, Johnsen Sarh, and Pleace Nicholas. 2009 Youth homelessness in the UK. Joseph Downtree Foundation. Authors dwell on the progress of efforts done to solve problems of homelessness in the UK. Significant findings showed homelessness is due to lack of work income, education, employment, and training. The conclusion is that there is a need to evaluate the supported lodging policy and further review of what works well for the youth. Evaluation: Good material that will support my thesis on problems of youth homelessness.  Resource Information Services. (2004) Homeless Pages. Areas: U.K.
This website describes the homelessness status of people in the UK. It provides the demographic profile and an updated status of homeless people. It gave an account on how the problem of homelessness started and described housing policies that have evolved from the 1800s.up to the present.
I find the source a good starting point for my topic. I will use it in my paper as it is informative
Shelter. (2009). What causes homelessness?
Shelter cautions users of data that case is for England only. The study traces causes of youth homelessness in the UK. Significant findings state that homelessness is caused by personal and structural problems. A study found out that the causes of personal problems are family breakdown disputes, child abuse and drug use of parents. The individual factors are found to be drug and alcohol misuse, lack of qualifications, lack of social support, debts, being unable to pay rents, poor mental and physical health, the breakdown of a relationship and getting involved in crime at an early age. Individual factors include drug and alcohol misuse, lack of qualifications, lack of social support, debts - especially mortgage or rent arrears, poor physical and mental health, relationship breakdown, and getting involved in crime at an early age Institutional reasons are those being in prison and being in the armed forces. Solutions seen by the Shelter are structural policies of the government that will require long-term solutions like a building of more affordable homes, and providing a wider scope of the benefits system.
The work of Shelter gave me an insight into the real problems of youth on homelessness. It is a good material for the review of literature in my paper. It is relevant.