The Documentary Blackfish – Annotated Bibliography Example

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The paper "The Documentary Blackfish" is a perfect example of an annotated bibliography on environmental studies. Max, Schindler. "Will SeaWorld's larger whale pools quell blackfish backlash? "  According to the author, the waves of criticism that accompanied SeaWorld reveal minor signs of decreasing despite the company coming up with steps to improve the habitats of its whales after the release of the Blackfish documentary. The documentary questions the capturing of the whales in the park and investigates the trainer killed in 2010 by a whale known as Tilikum. The documentary suggests that the confinement of these whales leads to their rebellion.

Since the premiere of the documentary, individuals visiting SeaWorld have decreased, and its credit has dropped by more than one fifth. Science Monitor (2014). Peter, Rainer. "Blackfish centers on the dangers of orcas captivity. " The Christian Science Monitor, 2013.According to the author, orcas have never killed humans in an open sea deliberately before. Though nobody from SeaWorld agreed to an open interview with the cameras, their representatives have given angry denials on the issue of negligence more recently. In the documentary, the whale, Tilikum, had already killed tow more people while being held captive.

The film raised a question as to why the film was still entertaining sea parks despite its history. This raises the issue of the rebellious nature of these whales once they are put into confinement. The article enables citizens to scrutinize the SeaWorld and know what happens behind the scenes. Richard, Duckett. "Blackfish documentary probes orcas secret life. " Telegram & Gazette, 2013.According to the author, director Gabriela Cowperthwaite’ s focus on the 1200 pound male orca called the Tilikum. The author indicates that this orca brought down a senior trainer in 2010.

The orca had already killed two other individuals despite its continued entertainment in the park. The orca looks adorable from the outside, according to the author though its personality from the confinement is the opposite. Thus, like the other authors, this author indicates that the orca is not to be meddled with and it should be placed in an open place. This is because the orcas are peaceful creatures in the open sea.

Download free paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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