Global Change and Development – Annotated Bibliography Example

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The paper "Global Change and Development" is a  remarkable example of an annotated bibliography on environmental studies.   Chichilnisky, G. (2012). Climate change, security, and redistribution: How can political dilemmas linked to the global environment be solved? The Brown Journal of World Affairs, 18(2), 227-260. Retrieved from http: //search. proquest. com/docview/1239069023?accountid=45049 This journal discusses issues related to natural, social and economic issues that are related to global environmental change and how they affect the relationship among developed and developing countries. It addresses the climatic change issues that affect the environment, its major causes and the consequences it has on the global platform.

Moreover, it looks into issues related to population and the conflict existing between natural resources and environmental conflicts. The authors utilize the analytical construction to gauge these issues to determine how they significantly affect natural, social and economic aspects of sustainable living. The research focuses on addressing investigate solutions to challenges facing sustainable environmental development in the richer and poorer regions around the world. This research will be beneficial to my topic given that the authors have looked into how natural, social and economic aspects of life have been affected by the degraded environment both in developed and developing countries.

I will be able to effectively demonstrate how some areas are affected by emerging issues related to climatic changes and security. It explains that developing areas have a higher burden in fighting natural, social and economic issues related to climatic changes. The limitation of this article is that it looks into population and security issues and how they contribute to adverse climatic conditions in different parts of the world. However, it claims that international negotiations on issues related to climatic changes should be enforced so that the poor regions can be empowered by the rich regions.

Therefore, this article will help my research by providing the basis for understanding how poor regions and rich regions in the world are affected by climatic changes and how they can work together in fighting this global challenge. Chinta, R., Sussan, F., & Jin, A. (2014). Energy consumption, greenhouse gas emissions, water usage, and waste practices: Evidence from top global 100 firms in the area of sustainability. Journal of Strategic Innovation and Sustainability, 10(1), 49-64.

Retrieved from http: //search. proquest. com/docview/1646395951?accountid=45049 This article discusses how it is the responsibility of organizations in the business market to ensure that sustainability is achieved in a bid to deal with environmental preservation. It looks into how management composition, their payment, and sustainability policies help to enforce strategies that help to respond to the issue of pollution at the global business platform. The authors perform their research using data obtained from 100 global leading sustainable firms to show that there is a correlation between management gender compositions, their payment, and sustainability levels.

The findings show that the sustainability of the environment can be stimulated by the performance of organizations and their dedication to ensuring that their policies, strategies, and practices uphold environmental conservation. This article will be important to my research topic because it will help in understanding the contribution of businesses and organizations to the improvement of environment preservation and how their decisions affect the achievement of sustainability in the global platform. Hence, the authors show how the existing businesses play a key role in determining how pollution issues can be addressed given that most emissions come from industries and transport business.

Therefore, this article will contribute significantly in the development of my research paper by showing how the leading global business has worked to improve sustainability that ensures that high living standards are realized. It shows that businesses have the responsibility not only to make profit margins but also to mind the environment which they impact with their production of products and services.

Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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