Globalization and Its Effect on Employment and Diversity in Collective Representation – Annotated Bibliography Example

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The paper “ Globalization and Its Effect on Employment and Diversity in Collective Representation" is an excellent example of an annotated bibliography on social science. Among other authors, Caldbeck, Sam, et al. talk about "Globalization and the rise of precarious employment: the new frontier for workplace health promotion. " (Global health promotion 21.2 (2014): 23-31). From the outset, this source is express on the reasons as to why the level of employments and patterns have been spread across the nations over the recent past. It is articulate that increased global partnership and cooperation between countries has created an enabling environment for countries and their citizens to seek employment opportunities across the board.

A reader notices that this source skews most of its deductions and inferences towards healthcare professionals such as medics and nurses. Chuang, Szu-Fang. "Essential skills for leadership effectiveness in diverse workplace development. " Online Journal for Workforce Education and Development 6.1 (2013): 5.At the very minimum, this source mentions the requisite skills and talents that are necessary for effective leadership and coexistence in the workplace. It also mentions the talents or the irreducible minimums required for a person to possess leadership skills and talents which would enable the person to work in any global firm, place and the society by extension.

It mostly focuses and skews towards the direction of enhancing educational capabilities and levels which are relevant. Chang, Kiyoung, Dong-Kyoon Kim, and Haiyan Yin. "Does Globalization Increase Bank Efficiency As Measured By Net Interest Margin. " International Journal of Strategic Management 13.1 (2013): 5-10.This source is express and focuses on the specific benefits that globalization would bring to the banking sector and the economy by extension.

In retrospect, it inquires on whether globalization increases the net and general earning for the banking sector as a whole. It is important to note and mention that it also focuses on the changes or improvements in efficiency if there are global participation and cooperation in the banking sector. The main interest and focus is on how efficiency would be affected. Dufour, Christian, and Adelheid Hege. "Understanding diversity in collective representation: common principles underlying the performance of workplace representatives in different representation regimes. " Industrial Relations Journal 44.4 (2013): 355-372.Tentatively, this text articulates the principles and tenets necessary to understand and appreciate diversities from other places of the world.

This is to say that the source addresses the tenets that people ought to embrace and pursue in order to live and co-exist with their friends and colleagues in a proper manner. It also posits that each level of management within the market place should be laced with an appreciation of the diversity of people from other cultures. Murray, Gregor, et al. "Workplace representatives: strategic actors of union renewal? " Industrial Relations Journal 44.4 (2013): 340-354.This source mentions that the representatives and workers from different places of the world should be equipped with the skills and talents of cooperating with others in their duty stations.

It also seeks to revive and renew the traditional classic modes of relationship where people from different places enjoyed and shared a professional relationship with their colleagues from various places. It is specific that some strategic actors or specifically trained personnel should spearhead the process accordingly. Mosoetsa, Sarah, and Malehoko Tshoaedi. "COSATU retreating to the workplace in post-apartheid South Africa: What about Community struggles? " Rethinking Development and Inequality 2 (2013). Intuitively, this source is specific and express since it mentions the ways and means through which labor organization such as COSATU in South Africa has worked on the notion of globalization.

The authors skew their arguments to the policy frameworks that are agitated and supported by the labor union in terms of promoting the professional wellbeing and expertise of foreigners as well as safeguarding the local interest. It is critical since it compares the post-apartheid situations to the workplaces.

Rana, Ritu. "Effective Communication in a Diverse Workplace. " International Journal of Enhanced Research in Management and Computer Applications 2.2 (2013). Communication in the workplace tends to vary across the globe due to uniqueness and difference of cultural principles and tenets. There are things that ought to be considered in the mode and way of communication in the line of employment as far as the communication of the workers in the place of employment is concerned. This stems from the fact that there are changes and improvements in the mode of communication by global actors.

Tworoger, Leslie C., et al. "Leadership constraints: Leading global virtual teams through environmental complexity. " International Journal of e-Collaboration (IJeC) 9.2 (2013): 34-60. This source mentions that the leadership concepts and patterns have changed in the recent past as changes in the information technology have also changed. There has been the creation of virtual or online communities which are composed and comprised of people from different places and geographical locations. It also mentions the leadership setbacks that exists in human society as far as the aspect and notion of global leadership in communication is concerned and it provides the appropriate remedies.

Wagner, Jeffrey. "American georgics and globalization: Literary and economic co-evolution in three enclosure movements. " Interdisciplinary Studies in Literature and Environment (2013): ist002.This source is express and articulate and posits the notion and concepts of global action and perspectives from the American basis. It compares the traditions and modes of practices as employed by American society as a whole. This stems from the fact that the United States of America as a society has one of the highest foreign population in the world and gives such nationals proper service and treatments.

It also focuses on the economic and academic life of American society. Zajda, Joseph. "GLOBALIZATION AND NEO-LIBERALISM AS EDUCATIONAL POLICY IN AUSTRALIA. " Neoliberal Education Reforms: A Global Analysis: A Critical Analysis (2013): 164.This text records the liberal perspective and embrace of globalization as done approached by Australian society. The authors also mention that Australians have pursued an educational policy which is receptive of foreign talents and skills from all over the world without focusing on any bias or national prejudice.

For instance, it posits and highlights the specific areas of interest and attention that the Australian people and government have pursued. Tentatively, the foreign developments of education are embraced and appreciated accordingly.  

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