Reforming America's Health Care System - Consumer-Driven Health Care and Money-Saving Solutions - Implications for Providers, Payers, and Policy-Makers – Annotated Bibliography Example

Annotated Bibliography II Annotated Bibliography II Atlas, S.W. (Ed) . Reforming Americas Health Care System: The Flawed Vision of Obama Care. Hoover Institution Press Publications
The book focuses upon the controversies surrounding the healthcare legislations passed by Obama administration on 2010 that basically aim to transform the American healthcare system for making it more beneficial for the American citizens. The author discusses the impacts of the legal legislations upon the healthcare quality and the common American citizens. The book insists that despite the positive policies of the government there is still need of providing consumers with better choices, care, quality and cost based on value. It also insists that the role of the private sector should be maximized within the healthcare sector to provide people with better quality and innovations based healthcare services. The book basically stresses upon the point that the current healthcare system in America could be sought as a superior system and the reforms must be introduced into the system with great care so that the American citizens would be able to further drive the benefits from the system rather facing the complexities induced by the reforms.
Herzlinger, R.E. (2004). Consumer-Driven Health Care: Implications for Providers, Payers, and Policy-Makers. US: Jossey-Bass
The book talks about the consequences of increased consumer control over the American healthcare system. The author argues that the consumer driven healthcare approach is shaking the medical and insurance system because this approach has drawn strong impacts upon all the stakeholders of the healthcare system including insurers, providers, new intermediaries, and governments. The author insists that the healthcare system must be built on the foundations to provide maximum benefits to the citizens and it must meet the needs and expectations of the people it serve. The book talks about the current weaknesses of the healthcare system and the issues that have contributed towards failure in providing free and quality healthcare to the Americans. The book insists that the people must be given the power to choose their insurance coverage because they have personal and economic stake in this matter. Overall, the book is highly informative source of understanding the weaknesses and strength of the American healthcare system and the benefits provided by the system to the American citizens.
Rooney, J.P., Perrin, D. (2008). Americas Health Care Crisis Solved: Money-Saving Solutions, Coverage for Everyone. NY: Wiley
The book strives to provide assistance to the consumers of the healthcare system in American in understanding the domestic policy problems and the runaway cost of the healthcare in the country. The book is based upon the rationale that all the Americans have the right to access the healthcare services at affordable price and the government grant to the healthcare system could work to make it possible. The book insists on giving the control of healthcare system to the consumers and their physicians because it would be the most significant way of improving the healthcare system and practice. The current issues and crisis encountered by the American healthcare system are discussed in detail while the authors have also attempted to provide some workable solutions to the identified problems. Overall, the book is useful and significant source of acquiring detailed understanding of current practice of healthcare system and its impacts upon the American citizens.
Shi, L., Singh, D.A. (2007). Delivering Health Care in America: A Systems Approach. NY: Jones & Bartlett Learning
The book provides a concise and comprehensive overview of the basic structure and operating patterns of the U.S. healthcare system using a unique "system" approach. The book talks about the current threats faced by the American healthcare system and the challenges encountered by the government in providing free and quality healthcare services to the American citizens. The current trends within the healthcare system have been analysed to make the predictions about the future structure and progress of healthcare in America to give an idea about the potential benefits provided to the American citizens by the healthcare system. The book allows understanding the American healthcare system in its historical context. The reading allows analysing the healthcare system, policies, laws and administration of the healthcare system. This understanding helps in analysing the benefits of the healthcare system to the American citizens. The American healthcare system is very well introduced in the book with the help of historical evidences and the current treads and problems being faced by the system.
Sultz, H.A., Young, K.M. (2008). Health Care USA: Understanding Its Organization and Delivery. US: Jones & Bartlett Learning
The book describes and analyses the organization and delivery of the American healthcare system and provide a broad and analytical overview of the healthcare policies and practice and their effects upon the American citizens. The authors talk about the developments and present state of the healthcare system and also present some predictions about the future of healthcare in the country. Different components of the healthcare system lime medicine, hospitals, physical assistance, nursing care and ambulatory care etc. are discussed in detail in the book. It is a highly informative source for the students entering the discipline of healthcare and looking for the material to acquire comprehensive and detailed understanding of current healthcare practice in U.S.