The Role of Employees' Mental Well-Being and the Need to Eliminate Depression and Alcohol Intake – Annotated Bibliography Example

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The paper "The Role of Employees' Mental Well-Being and the Need to Eliminate Depression and Alcohol Intake" is a perfect example of an annotated bibliography on human resources. Every workplace is established in order to achieve a certain aim or to get profits. The effort of every employee is necessary for the achievement of the pre-set mission. Therefore, every employee requires having a state of wellness for them to be productive. Mental wellness of employees entails all factors that affect the mental functioning of an employee towards attaining a preset goal.

My research paper will investigate the various causes of mental un-wellness in any workplace and will propose certain solutions that can solve the problem.   Durso, Katherine A. "Depression In The Workplace: Prevalence, Cost And Productivity Impact. " Employee Benefit News 18.15 (2004): 37-39. Business Source Premier. Web. 10 Nov. 2014. Katherine considers employee depression as an additional cost to the organization. From her research, she categorizes the rates at which employees suffer from mental un-wellness based on age. This shows that her research is deep, and hence facts and conclusions provided are reliable.

She provides data in the form of graphs and tables, and it makes it easy to identify the relationship between mental un-wellness and productivity. She expounds on the cost that an organization is bound to incur because of assuming simple measures of avoiding mental un-wellness. The journal provides solutions to managers on the problem of mental un-wellness. This source is important for my research since it has statistical data that I will use to support my arguments on the topic. Gaultney, Jane F., and Janice Collins-McNeil.

"Lack Of Sleep In The Workplace: What The Psychologist-Manager Should Know About Sleep. "  Psychologist-Manager Journal (Taylor & Francis Ltd)  12.2 (2009): 132-148.  Academic Search Premier. Web.   10 Nov. 2014. The journal identifies lack of sleep as one of the major factors that promote mental un-wellness. It offers well-elaborated information about how a lack of enough sleep is likely to reduce productivity and also build up other mental conditions with time. It explains the significance of maintaining mental health and how it builds up to other problems. The journal also covers extensively the reasons that deny employees sleep and hence has sufficient information regarding the source of the problem and the solution to it.

Hostetler, Valerie C., and S. Pirzada Sattar. "Should Alcohol Be Tolerated In The Workplace? ." American Journal on Addictions 16.5 (2007): 427. Academic Search Premier. Web. 10 Nov. 2014. This journal discusses the problem of alcohol abuse at workplaces that is one of the causes of mental un-wellness. The journal discusses the consequences of taking alcohol in the workplace. It elaborates on how the taking of alcohol affects the abuser and the other employees.

It criticizes the lenient policies on drug abuse at workplaces. This source provides important information that will guide my research. it address on a single subject make it a reliable source since all details are given. The journal will help my research draw genuine conclusions on the topic. M.H. "Mental Wellness in the Workplace. "  Management Review  88.1 (1999): 9.  Business Source Premier. Web.   10 Nov. 2014. The journal is reliable since it gives information about the topic based on research done by William mercer in a real situation. He claims that mental un-wellness is more challenging than disability.

According to his research, companies that have conducted mental and emotional seminars have experienced positive changes in the attitude and production of employees. He argues the common problem of high rates of employee turnover is due to the mental treatment that employee’ s experience in the workplace. He notes that mental wellness is vital in determining how the employee reacts to situations and how well they perform their roles. This source will be beneficial in understanding the relationship between mental wellness and turnover rates. Monclova, Hé ctor. "Improved Workplace Production With Better Mental Wellness. " Caribbean Business 40.36 (2012): 6-7.

Business Source Premier. Web. 10 Nov. 2014. This journal discusses how mental wellness leads to improvement in employee productivity. It covers the story of a woman who suffered from depression due to the discrimination she received from her workmates. Her situation led her to the creation of a mental health first aid kit that helps people going through similar situations. Hector discusses the various ways supervisors and managers should treat their employees to ensure that they are not under any mental pressures.

She identifies major mental problems like anxiety and panic attacks. She also proposes methods of identifying the employee with states of mental un-wellness such as change of moods and drastic weight losses. The information in the journal is credible and will be reliable for my research. "Untreated Mental Health Problems Hinder Workplace Productivity. "  Hudson Valley Business Journal  21.6 (2010): 16.  Regional Business News. Web.   10 Nov. 2014. This source confirms that mental un-wellness is a problem that often goes unnoticed in many workplaces. Mental un-wellness leads to physical reaction such as sleeping while at work, and irritability of employees.

Such characters affect the productivity and relationships between employees. The journal says that out of every five employees one suffers from mental un-wellness. The detailed information in the journal will help my research to come up with facts on mental un-wellness in employees. It proposes solutions such as eradicating stigma and victimization amongst others. The journal also provides information on the medical treatment of employees suffering from mental unwell conditions like depression. Therefore, the journal has sufficient information to facilitate my research.

Download free paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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