Joseph Campbell's Life and Work, Highlighting the Role of the Myths, the Artists and the Ritual – Annotated Bibliography Example

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The paper "Joseph Campbell's Life and Work, Highlighting the Role of the Myths, the Artists and the Ritual" is a good example of an annotated bibliography on literature. Bloom, Harold, and Blake Hobby. The Heros Journey Edited And With An Introduction by Harold Bloom; Volume Editor, Blake Hobby. n.p. : New York: Blooms Literary Criticism, c2009., 2009. OhioLINK Library Catalog – LR. Web. 19 June 2014. This book also addresses the works of Joseph Campbell by developing a close analysis of Campbell’ s style. The book presents a summary which proves highly impressive. This is because it analyses all the works done by Campbell.

Some of the works discussed in this book include Virgil and Maxim Hong Kingston. Campbell, Joseph, Phil Cousineau, and Stuart L. Brown. The Heros Journey: Joseph Campbell on His Life and Work. Novato, Calif: New World Library, 2003. Print. In this book, Campbell exhibits his ability to apply his observational skills and analysis in defining his life’ s journey. He describes the diversity that he observed as he embarked on studying mythic traditions. From the excitement with which the book is written, it emerges that the author likes mythical traditions explaining why he presents a multiple of them in this book.

He then explores different aspects of the mythic traditions highlighting the roles of the myths, the artists and the ritual associated with each myth. This source helps the reader to understand the basic that govern Campbell’ s book. Campbell, Joseph, Robert Walter, and Phil Cousineau. The Heros Journey: Joseph Campbell On His Life And Work; Collected Works Of Joseph Campbell / Robert Walter, Executive Editor; Edited And With An Introduction By Phil Cousineau; Foreword By Stuart L.

Brown, Executive Director. N.p. : Shaftesbury: Element, 1999., 1999. OhioLINK Library Catalog – LR. Web. 19 June 2014. This book offers a collection of works done by Joseph Campbell that appear in the Hero’ s Journey. The collected works include interviews, narratives that depict heroes, myths and other mythologies. These works define the area of interest of Joseph Campbell as he took time to put the collection together and develop similar themes exhibited by the narratives. Currier, Cindy. Forgiveness: The Heros Journey. Tate Pub & Enterprises Llc, 2010.

Print. This book reveals the power of determination in ensuring that an individual can become a hero. Joseph Campbell the author of this book presents an analysis of Cindy Currier. He uses the example of Cindy and her experience to illustrate that any individual can strive to become a hero and succeed. From the way the story is developed, it culminates in the forgiveness which becomes a solution for all the pending problems facing Cindy. This book offers an interpretative approach towards understanding how Cindy Currier becomes a hero and a protagonist.

Jacey, Helen. "The Hero And Heroines Journey And The Writing Of Loy. " Journal Of Screenwriting 1.2 (2010): 309-323. Film & Television Literature Index with Full Text. Web. 19 June 2014. This article offers a review of Campbell’ s book titled the Heroes’ Journey the author of this article seeks to explore a different perspective that has not been tackled by other authors. This perspective is a view beyond the gender aspects that define some of the themes in the hero’ s journey. Although the original book under review tackles Jungian feminist theories, the author of this article urges the reader to be more critical in understanding the book.

According to this article, there are two female protagonists in the entire book a factor that exhibits gender bias. This article also goes further to discuss the models presented in Campbell’ s cook namely, theme, structure, and character. Randles, Clint1. "The “ Hero’ S Journey” : A Way Of Viewing Music Teacher Socialization. " Journal Of Music Teacher Education 22.1 (2012): 11-19. Education Source. Web. 19 June 2014. This article available in electronic form is a reliable source as it presents a musical application perspective to the reader.

Evidently, the article serves to complement other sources which discuss the application of Campbell’ s work in different fields. Smith, Philip Marvin, and Joseph Campbell. The Heros Journey [Electronic Resource]: A Musical Depiction Of Archetypal Protagonists Based On The Work Of Joseph Campbell / Philip Marvin Smith. N.p. : Bowling Green, Ohio: Bowling Green State University, 2010., 2010. OhioLINK Library Catalog – LR. Web. 19 June 2014. This book is an electronic source that explores the musical application of Campbell’ s book.

From this source, it appears that the collected works of Joseph Campbell have application in the music classes and can be relied on to define protagonists in music. Since music is also part of literature, this source is reliable in presenting the reader with an intriguing perspective developed concerning Campbell’ s work.

Download free paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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