Internet Technology as a Tool in Sales Force Automation – Annotated Bibliography Example

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The paper "Internet Technology as a Tool in Sales Force Automation" is an excellent example of an annotated bibliography on information technology.   Ab Hamid, N., R., and Kassim, N. (2004). Internet Technology as a Tool in Relationship Management. Journal of American Academy of Business, Cambridge. Vol. 4 (1/2). Clients relationship management entails the application of technology to help in the organization, automation and the synchronization of aspects in sales, marketing, service that is channeled towards the customer and the technical support. Customer relationship management enables a company or a firm to manage their clients, both the current clients and future clients.

The management system enables firms to have an advanced outlook on their customers. They are able to view their customers from all angles and are thus able to get credible data about their customers which they can use to their advantage (Ab Hamid, Noor, Norizan, 2004). There are various types of customer relationship management programs, which can be used in various firms and companies. They include; sales force automation, marketing, customer service and support, analytics, social media, small businesses and also appointments.

Kirkpatrick, D. (2003). How to Erase the Middleman in One Easy Lesson. Source: Fortune. Vol. 147 (5) p 122. There have been developments in the technology sector with the changing time. The internet and other technological facilities are in use, in different types of businesses. This piece of literature talks about the various methods in which technology is being used by small and upcoming businesses. The small businesses are using them in various ways to their advantage; from boosting their sales to attracting more customers and retaining others (Kirkpatrick, 2003).

Technology has come a long way to help businesses that are on the rise and are looking to make an impact on the economy. With technology, small businesses have become known nationally and internationally through the internet. Sales can be made online in terms of orders. Again, the system is much more secure, and data can now be stored and accessed at any time. Technology has made things easier, efficient and reliable. Grimes, B. (2003). E-commerce made easy. Source: Your Company. Vol. 9 (3) p 71.

This article talks about web stores and how they help businesses. Web stores are created by businesses in order to make sales online by receiving orders from clients through their web store. A web store is a website, which is designed by a company or a business, and there are placements of what the business is offering and selling in it. Anyone who has access to the company’ s website is able to make an order, and once the transaction is through, both the seller and the client should be satisfied.

Web stores provide the advantage and the ability for a client to shop for their desired products without the need to travel to go visit the places where the goods are being sold. Through web stores, a business is able to attract many clients since they have a provision that is much more convenient for the client (Grimes, 2003). Small Businesses Make Hay With E-Commerce. (2007). Source: Telecom Web News Break. Pg 1-11. This piece of writing majors on the effects of the internet and the impact of technology on businesses.

Many businesses have made names and have risen to higher places because the internet and technology have been at their disposal. Most of sales and advertisements that are being done in today’ s business sector involve the internet and also the aid of technology. Businesses have succeeded where they once failed, and their sales have gone up (Small Businesses Make Hay with E-Commerce, 2007). This means that the internet has a great influence on individuals. Some companies can attribute their success to the internet and changes in technology.

Some of the companies today would not have made a name for they had the internet not been present. Russell, L. (2004). How E-commerce is changing the way we do business. Source: Outlook; Spring 97 Supplement Technology & co, Vol. 65 (1) p 8. In today’ s businesses, technology has taken over the running of various sectors such as marketing, sales, customer relations and the overall growth of the business. Before technology advanced, businesses had difficulty relaying information to their clients and products. Technology has changed the view of businesses.

It has provided various advantages that some businesses have enabled them to make an impact on the economy and the business market in general (Russell, Larry (2004). Technology has enabled a huge impact on businesses to continue experiencing great and new opportunities that will take them to higher places and become successful. Today’ s business world is competitive, and for a person to survive such a competitive world, it is required that one be creative in the resources that they have.  

Download free paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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