Power Engineering Program – Admission/Application Essay Example

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The paper "Power Engineering Program" is an outstanding example of an admission/application essay on engineering and construction. Right from my childhood, I had this urge to do something which would me make stand out from the rest of the crowd. My parents also helped and groomed me in this regard. As a child, I was given puzzles and riddles to solve so that I could hone my problem-solving skills. Like curious children, I used to disintegrate various toys in order to find out how they actually worked. I would take my plastic toy screwdrivers and other tools to dismantle any device I came across.

Whenever I would do such a thing, I would receive nothing but appreciation from my parents. This led me into thinking that I was made for such kind of thing and my belief that I would become an engineer became even more firm.   As I grew older and scanned the world around me, I realized that even though I have selected a profession for myself, I further need to narrow down my preference. And this was when I decided that I wanted to be a power engineer.   Today many countries of the world are facing energy crises.

Particularly developing nations and underdeveloped nations are the ones which are hardest hit by this problem. In such a situation, these companies need competent personnel who can devise new ways of power production. I think that I am better suited for this field because I’ m creative and have the ability to think out of the box. Along with this, I have the right set of qualification and a penchant for subjects like math and physics.

I love to research and hence have done quite a bit of research on the internet related to power engineering. Hence with my knowledge, ability, and passion, I am confident that I can work hard and become a successful power engineer by studying the degree program in your respective college.

Download free paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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