The Reason of Desire to Get the Position of Army Aviator – Admission/Application Essay Example

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The paper "The Reason of Desire to Get the Position of Army Aviator" is a worthy example of an admission essay on military. I am writing this letter to apply for the Warrant Officer position in the United States Army. Since joining the military, I have had one and the only goal to become a Warrant Officer in the US Army. Every time I see an effective Warrant Officer I perceive a person who has dedicated his life to the pursuit of the noblest goal; someone who is extremely professional at all times, a self-starter always striving to be the best in the field.

I have all the qualities that Warrant Officers display as they carry out their duties. My professional background, education, and experience have equipped me with the necessary skills and knowledge that qualify me as the most suitable candidate for the Warrant Officer position. So, what sets me apart from my peers? First of all, I have an admirable educational background, which enhances my suitability for the position. Nowadays it is difficult to find highly educated individuals who are eager to dedicate their lives to serve their country and people and to pursue the courses offered in the military.

I have a Bachelor’ s degree in Arts from the Florida Institute of Technology. I took several military courses, which significantly improved my skills in handling military issues. I believe in diligent service delivery and I worked towards achieving this goal during my training assignment. My scores in various military courses indicate that I have the perfect ability to serve, as well as the aspiration to serve in the United States military.

My military education supplied me with technical knowledge and management skills that a person would need to occupy the Warrant Officer position. Next, I performed and achieved success in numerous challenging assignments, with little or no supervision. I displayed integrity during assignments, which required minimal guidance, and I always emerged the winner. These types of challenges always test my ability and I have proved my worth by performing them in a perfect way. I am in the ever-going process of learning something new and adapting to every new situation.

I usually spent my time on manuals studying or reading up on regulations. I always strive to exceed the set standard in the military, and I do exceed them on a significant inspection or evaluation. I take extreme pride in my work and always devote all energies to it. I do not believe that I should be pushed to carry out my assignments. The last assignment I had was a Team Leader while being deployed to Afghanistan. This is the most challenging assignment I have ever encountered.

I am an artilleryman by Army trade, but during that deployment, I was a provisional infantry team leader. Coming from Finance background while in the Marines, I had little infantry training. Even though everyone in the Marines is trained as a rifleman, the infantrymen get special training. With the little knowledge of the sphere, I was directly sent to Advanced Individual Training (AIT) and graduated with distinction. My interest in that field and performance during that training were admittedly remarkable. Then comes my dedication to everything I do, be it service, sport or education.

After my graduation, I was sent to my unit where I was deployed in the provisional infantry work. The position demanded a lot of concentration and dedication. I strained every sinew; consequently, I was honored for my services. While in Afghanistan, I decided to take advantage of the free time I had in order to study. I took the AFAST at Kandahar Air Field (KAF) and scored a 135. I also knew I had to work hard to keep on my good physical form. I did my best in the makeshift gym we had erected ourselves to improve both physically and spiritually.

When we returned home, I scored a 298 on my Army Physical Fitness Test (APFT). I did all of this while being deployed in a hostile combat area where we were in close proximity to the enemy on a daily basis. One more advantage of mine is my ability to organize subordinates and care for them properly. I respect my fellow soldiers a lot and I usually place their needs above my own.

As for this claim, my record is eloquent enough since every soldier who has served under me would give me credit for my leadership qualities. I know that soldiers under my command are grateful for what I taught them. I observe standards and discipline in a strict way. Many assignments that I have conducted reflect this quality of mine. My soldiers emerged victorious on several assignments that I had ordered them to do. I believe that a leader should always be an example to the juniors by setting the standards and following the regulations.

The respect that I have earned in the service is a result of my painstaking efforts to achieve perfection in everything I do.   Thus, I am sure that I will do my best in the position of a Warrant Officer. I always thought that my service for the benefit my country is not a pledge of loyalty as recited in the NCO creed, but a duty that I fulfill to protect my people and thus earn high esteem and respect. I believe I will use my training and the leadership skills to steer my career to top heights.

The positions that I held in the military have equipped me with the appropriate and up-to-date knowledge that would be extremely useful in my service. With the close evaluation of my career objectives, educational achievements and personal goals, I believe I possess all the qualities required for this position and would be honored when offered the opportunity. I assert that when the position is offered to me, I will contribute remarkably to the US Army, building its reputation far and wide.

Download free paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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