Master's Degree in Nursing to Impact the World – Admission/Application Essay Example

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The paper "Master's Degree in Nursing to Impact the World" is an outstanding example of an application essay on nursing.   An ARNP (Advanced Registered Nurse Practitioner), though works in collaboration with a doctor, his/her role is more important and crucial in the healthcare management of the patients. She is an important link between the patients and the doctors and must enjoy the trust of both. An ARNP generally has the master’ s degree and as such she evokes the confidence of the patients. Since her scope for practice includes diagnosis and administration of common and complex medical conditions, she is treated with the respect of a fully qualified doctor.

She is the master in history-taking, ordering physical examinations and prescription of medications. It is my sincere belief that this is the ultimate medical qualification that a nurse can expect for the advancement of her career goals. This is a coveted status in any healthcare facility and is the most trusted and respected profession. Her advice and counsel is sought both by the junior nurses and senior doctors. Her important mission in life is to contribute to the making of a healthy society.

To deliver safe and high-quality health care depends upon honesty and trust of the medical fraternity of which the nursing profession is an important part. The qualities of ARNP come to the fore in the critical times of the health care of a difficult patient. Notwithstanding the best precautions taken, misreading in diagnosis can lead to errors. The skill of the nurse is in handling and minimizing the effect of the error. Covering up the error is unethical for this profession and in such situations, a trustworthy approach is needed.

What is most important is the health of the patient and the career issues of the concerned doctor are secondary. A doctor can be replaced, but there can be no replacement for a lost life due to the negligence of the doctors and nurses. Nurses can rally a patient’ s health by teaching them emotional coping skills to handle stressful situations. In any system and in any healthcare reform in the global context, nurses will continue to have a key role.

They are like the arteries in the human anatomy. They will have a strong voice in the processes of reformation and their share of responsibilities will mostly on the rise, with the impact of the advancement of medical science and the introduction of innovative methods of diagnosis. As such the nurses need to constantly update their medical knowledge through in-service refresher/training courses and by the initiative to take advanced degrees in nursing with their own initiative. The inter-professional colleagues and the doctors doing internship will be more inclined to listen to the nurses and benefit from their experience and respect their opinions.

The points of views related to a patient’ s health can be best understood by the nurses and they are responsible to build and enhance a trusting relationship. As her interaction with the patient is intense, patients trust their nurses and share all the important information on a day to day basis, whereas a doctor visits the patient for a short time once or twice in a day. With the ability of the nurse to create a trusting environment, the patient will open up the details of his past health history and his negativities that will enable the health care providers to give high quality and safer healthcare alternatives.

To me personally serving as the nurse is the mission of my life will lookout for opportunities to serve the poor communities around the world and deliver health care services and will strongly articulate for the rights of the patients. I will inspire the fellow nurses to get involved in global responsibilities related to health and tell them to participate in healthcare projects sponsored by reputed Organizations.

It is possible to disseminate the nursing knowledge across the world without the limitations of geography and deliver healthcare education and with this perspective, I will join an online global health organization specializing in this field. I am aware that a nurse has to break free from the routine work, for there is much suffering everywhere and nursing is the most trusted profession as such I consider it an honor and privilege to serve humanity anywhere in the world.

Download free paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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