What Sets The University Of Miami Graduate Business Program Apart For You How Will Earning Your – Admission/Application Essay Example

Personal ment for the of Miami Graduate Business School. It is my strongest believe that our accomplishment inlife is not only measured by our academic and material success but how we apply the knowledge learnt to solve the problems facing society. This I believe is possible with a quality education that emphasizes on holistic transformation of the complete human. It is my intention to be part of a challenging, stimulating and enriching educational environment that appreciates independent scholarship and diversity. This I hope to get by enrolling in the University of Miami’s graduate business program.
The University of Miami particularly captures my interest as a student for the diversity of the student body. The university’s location in Miami, one of the world’s diverse cities; a commercial hub, center for media, arts and home to headquarters for over 1200 MNCs, for me sets it aside from others. As a disciple of knowledge, I highly regard diversity and therefore studying at Miami will be an opportune moment to interact with different cultures of the world whilst taking my education. Another captivating thing about Miami University’s graduate business program is the personal attention accorded to faculty staff and students. This coupled to the opportunity to study in one of the most culturally diverse academic environments just captures my academic goal of being part of an academic environment that enriching.
In conclusion therefore being part of Miami University will differentiate me from peers through a personalized attention in a very multicultural environment. I will thus learn a lot from the interactions I will have with professors, fellow students and the entire Miami community. This knowledge coupled to my academic knowledge from the graduate program will enable me graduate as global citizen who is well prepared to meet challenges of today’s global economy.