Practicing Divine Healing in Christian Leadership University – Admission/Application Essay Example

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The paper “ Practicing Divine Healing in Christian Leadership University" is an inspiring variant of an admission essay on religion and theology. Below is my personal testimony concerning the application for admission to Christian Leadership My testimony is about how my father succumbed to illness when I was too young to be of any help to him. In addition, my boyfriend is suffering from severe pains and I believe that by taking this course, I will be of much help, not only to him but also to the society as far as divine healing is concerned.

I have, in addition, made a personal declaration concerning the significance of the course to me: My father passed away when I was 14, I felt very upset that I could not help him at all during that age and hence I just watched helplessly as he suffered from great pain. He nevertheless passed and I felt too weak to continue trusting in God. Six years ago at 23 years, my boss brought me to church and I felt like home again. I was finally back in the presence of God and I very much hungered for His word.

Since then, I have been serving in my church, attend different conferences, listen to worship songs, serving at the Alpha course, and pray every day to come closer to God. Last year March 2015, God sent me this man, who is almost perfect except that he suffered from great back pain, neck pain, shoulder pain, weak immune system, constantly fighting with pain. I then realize that God is preparing me to deliver healing to the man.

I needed to practice healing; I wanted to be able to heal people by the power of God. I knew God is calling me repeatedly to the healing ministry. These two incidences of my own earthly father that I watched as the death took him away and now my boyfriend that I cannot offer any help give a strong urge to learn about Divine Healing. I went to this Christian bookstore in Hong Kong that I found this book, ‘ ’ How to Hear God’ s voice’ ’ by Mark and Patti Virkler that has fascinated me very much to the work of God.

This urge has prompted me to visit the Christian Leadership University where I found this course on Divine Healing, I wanted so much to take all these courses and I could not wait to apply as soon as I can. I knew God is leading me on this righteous way because I was about to submit an application for a Master of Business Administration program in a university in Hong Kong but I have been struggling because this is not the way that I wanted to pursue.

I want to be like Jesus, to serve but not to be served. By practicing divine healing, I will make people smile and filled with joy when they are healed. To love people in action, to worship and glorify God that way we should be, be the one that God wanted me to be. I am so excited to start these courses on Naturally Supernatural, Healing Anointing, Prayers That Heal the Heart, Miracle Evangelism. I am ready!

Download free paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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