What Is The Essence Of Nursing As You Perceive It – Admission/Application Essay Example

The paper "What Is The Essence Of Nursing As You Perceive It" is an exceptional example of an admission essay on nursing.
There are certain professions that are beyond one’s material desires. Being part of such professions and practicing them gives an individual the peace of mind and satisfaction. Nursing is one similar profession.
There are many reasons why this profession is being so strongly followed across the world and is looked up to with great respect and admiration. The perks involved in this field are not just monitory rather internal satisfaction.
There is a large amount of margin for learning, and most importantly the humanitarian factor. The element of serving the patients, providing them with support and any kind of help needed by the individual makes nursing one of the most self-satisfying professions. The best thing about any profession is the direct interaction with the end customer. Which in this case is the patient? The field of nursing allows this feature and hence another plus.
The ability to get in direct contact with the patients, getting to know their problems and further being able to help them in any way possible makes the incumbent profession blissful. The field of nursing includes not just the interaction with patients rather vocational training, hands-on tools in form of seminars, training are motivational lectures are part of this field.
Hence all these attributes make this profession worth adopting as the career profession. If the right means are adopted this profession promises maximum dividends.