Studying Medicine at University – Admission/Application Essay Example

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The paper "Studying Medicine at University" is a good example of an admission essay on health sciences and medicine. Belmont University provides a wide range of courses in medicine. It is my firm belief that the acquisition of a medical degree from your university will make me a very good doctor of medicine and a dedicated provider of healthcare. In hindsight, it is clearly evident that my initial love for medicine has not been misplaced. All that it took to crystallize this longing was a few years of travel and a few experiences.

The latter have vindicated my belief and I truly look forward to the opportunity to pursue a course of study in medicine. Medicine has fascinated and entranced me from my very high school days. My friend, who was the local physician, spared vast amounts of time on me and my interests. Moreover, I have never come across the special relationship that he used to maintain with his patients. My friend and mentor truly enjoyed his work and proved to be the best example to learn from. I would not be exaggerating if I were to state that he was a major influence on my aspiring to become a doctor of medicine.

His patience and capacity to simplify abstruse medical terms were truly remarkable. This talent verged on the miraculous and a telling example of this is provided by the fact that I was familiar with the information, such as the three – dimensional structure of the active ingredients in drugs. Furthermore, his extraordinary power of simplification and explanation made me knowledgeable about a large number of medical facts, such as the effect of drugs on the human body, the different techniques by which drugs could be administered, and the side effects of drugs.

In short, I obtained a comprehensive knowledge of pharmacology. His conversations were thought to provoke and would cause me to ponder deeply over what he told me. As a consequence, I would undertake independent research into what he would describe to me. In addition, my academic performance in high school was brilliant. These features permitted me to participate, every year, in science competitions at the national level.

The outcome of these activities was that my critical thinking was strengthened manifold and I developed the capacity to think beyond what was taught as part of the school curriculum. Thereafter, for a short duration, I was deeply engrossed in travel and languages, which constitute some of my major interests. This engendered a short dislocation, in my study of medicine. Thereafter, I completed my high school, and this event was succeeded by the emigration of my family to the United States of America.

I soon acquired considerable proficiency in English.   Some incidents in life, etch themselves upon our memory indelibly. One such incident involved the glowing hope that I beheld in my friend's eye, on the day that he succumbed to leukemia. He had sacrificed his all, in order to live according to his beliefs. My friend was undoubted, compassionate and mature beyond his years. I had the great fortune to spend many years with him in his modest pharmacy, and those happy times, now seem to have elapsed in the fraction of a second.

Nevertheless, the invaluable knowledge that he so passionately injected into my psyche has had a permanent effect. A singular fact associated with my life has been that I have not spent more than 10 years in any city. Thus, I have always been traveling around the world and this has enabled me to learn about new people, cultures, and means of healing. During my sojourns, I lost no opportunity to broaden my horizons and acquire knowledge of other languages. This was achieved, in the main by visiting other countries and interacting with individuals, hailing from diverse cultures.

On one occasion, I happened to visit Chernobyl in Russia, which had experienced the explosion of a nuclear reactor. At the hospital, in Chernobyl, I had the great fortune to employ my knowledge of Persian, as an interpreter for the visitors from Iran. These people had arrived at this place, in the aftermath of the nuclear disaster of 1986. This experience provided me to be truly fulfilling, and in addition to acting as an interpreter, I engaged myself in helping children and their parents, at this place.

It was a moving experience to observe the children receive a second lease on their life, on account of the indefatigable efforts provided by the medical professionals. This made me realize the extent to which medicine had transformed itself into an intrinsic part of my life. As such, this experience served to fortify my conviction that my future expertise would be in the field of medicine.   I have successfully completed my Associate Degree in pre-Medicine, from Nashville State Community College.

It is my firm belief that my strong educational background coupled with mature critical thinking skills and proven ability to arrive at the right decision, in stressful situations, render me eminently qualified to undertake the study of medicine at your highly esteemed university.

Download free paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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