Engineering Education at the University – Admission/Application Essay Example

The paper "Engineering Education at the University" is a good example of an application/admission essay on English. There are very few people who strive hard to accomplish their ambitions and look forward to further fulfill a few more. I am certainly one of those and I can be a great asset for the university. It is just that such a variety of students from the university in its essence and completes it in its entirety. I have spent time in my life as a marine guard. The prime purpose behind it was that it gives the sense of purpose and responsibility. It develops in a person the spirit of national identity and serving the country in the form of security and leadership. It was a wonderful experience, something worth learning. What attracted me to the field of engineering was our car on which I worked at home. I have been greatly attracted to cars and I built my own Cobra. First, I thought this would be a business opportunity for my father, an engineer himself, and I. The most important part of the experience, however, was the provided me to learn by imitation with a truly hands-on project, working alongside my father. It also enabled me to explore problem-solving as we encountered obstacles in the car’s production. Furthermore, building the Cobra aroused my curiosity about what is involved in the mechanical elements of automotive performance, including concepts such as horsepower, torque, and momentum. Working on the car spurred my reading to develop my knowledge base. And now it is a passion to investigate, improve and apply my understanding of these matters, how they work and why, and what is accomplished through their actions. I would really like to come to your university and looking forward to your response.