Education as the Key to Success in Life – Admission/Application Essay Example

The paper "Education as the Key to Success in Life" is an amazing example of an admission/application essay on education. During my lifetime I have always valued the importance of education. My parents taught me that education was the key to success in life. As a high school student, I worked very hard in my studies to achieve a GPA of 3.88. I want to continue my educational journey by enrolling in a university as a business administration student. The managerial field is a job position that I am interested in due to the fact that this profession is aligned with my personal interests. I have always been good with numbers and people. I worked for a year and a half as a marketing manager. That job helped improve my verbal and written communication skills as well as my analytical abilities and people skills.  Going to college is a journey that not everyone in the world has the privilege of enjoying. I feel very lucky to be in a position to attend college. I want to take a chance of this opportunity to improve myself. During the last few years, I have taken self-improvement classes. I care a lot about becoming a better person. I realized that the job marketplace has become an extremely competitive landscape. Having a college degree has become more of a necessity than a luxury. The unemployment rate in the United States and abroad has gone up a lot during the past couple of years. People that don’t have a college education are at a disadvantage.
As a future manager, I am ready for the challenges that lie ahead. Being computer savvy is extremely important for managers working in the broadband age. I'm very good with computers and I have an ICDL license. Most managers spend a couple of hours every day in front of a computer. I also enjoy reading a lot. I perform research every week to keep up with current affairs. I am certain that my discipline and focus will help me during college courses. Successful students typically have great study habits and they read the textbook and other material to learn. I often visit professional databases such as EBSCOhost database to read peer-reviewed journal articles.
The reason I want to study management is to improve as a human being and to be able to obtain a good job to support myself and my family upon graduation. Along with the educational aspect of college as a student, I plan to enrich myself by participating in social activities such as music festivals, theater shows, and sporting events. I also plan on attending as many business seminars as possible. As a college student, I feel that it is my duty to help student alumni in any way possible. In the past, I have helped my classmates with their studies. I will gladly help or tutor any of my classmates whenever possible. I’m very excited to soon become a college student. In college, I will be able to mature as a human being in an environment that is tailored made to make people smarter and more knowledge. I know that my dreams of attending college are soon going to become a reality.