Graduate Program In Counseling At Loma Linda University – Admission/Application Essay Example

The paper "Graduate Program In Counseling At Loma Linda University" is a great example of a psychology admission essay.
I firmly believe that pursuing higher education is instrumental to a person’s professional growth. My goal is to pursue the Master of Science in Counseling at the Loma Linda University. The impetus that initiated my drive for this particular field of endeavor ensued from my work in the King Fahad Specialist Hospital. Being exposed to working with people from various health-related roles assisted in confirming that the health care institution is in need of a professional counselor who would provide health counseling for clients. As a Saudi Arabian national with previous academic experience studying in Houston, Texas in my elementary years, I have acknowledged that pursuing a graduate degree from an American university would appropriately assist in the achievement of my future goal to become a professional counselor. I have always been fascinated by psychology and children behavior and had discovered an innate talent where I was evidently trusted even by strangers in listening to their personal problems. In the future, I would like to have contributed to the well-being of patients in effectively addressing personal, relational, family, peer, and other sociopsychological concerns.
The characteristics of Loma Linda University that are particularly attractive and meaningful to me are the multi-dimensional approach to learning. As revealed, “students are invited to join with faculty in supporting university values of compassion, integrity, excellence, freedom, justice, purity, and humility” (Master of Science in Counseling, 2013, p. 1). As such, this is indicative of a collaborative learning environment, which I believe affirms the holistic approach in healing. I have therefore chosen to apply for advanced education given that I have undergone previous undergraduate studies and I acknowledge that contemporary organizations prefer graduates with a master’s degree through the specialized learning accorded therein. The knowledge, training, and skills that would be honed would be mutually beneficial in the future.