Undertaking a Degree in Business Administration to Become the Leading Business Manager – Admission/Application Essay Example

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The paper "Undertaking a Degree in Business Administration to Become the Leading Business Manager" is an outstanding example of an application essay on business. My decision to undertake an undergraduate degree in business administration was determined after critically considering my interests, aptitudes, and my ultimate professional ambition. My education background has adequately equipped me with comprehensive knowledge in the field of business. I am empathetic, tenacious, intelligent, and highly motivated. I am also outgoing with a strong desire to meet and interact with new people trying to learn new approaches and culture.

My qualities push me to achieve my goals and ambitions without letting personal and other issues get in my way. By joining Symbiosis International University, I will bring with me various assets and liabilities that will significantly influence my academic path and achievement. Listed below are some of the assets and liabilities that I am aware of regarding my academic excellence.   I am highly motivated to excel in my actions and academic paths. My parents influenced my desire to achieve as they challenged me to improve on my best and to aim for the sky.

This motivation is an asset to both Symbiosis International University and I. Being part of Symbiosis University will provide me with a great platform to advance my academic qualifications. While pursuing the undergraduate business administration program, I will take part in inter-school and also portray the desired Symbiosis International University depiction in all my actions. I also believe that my abilities to get involved in the school's extracurricular activities will also be a great addition to the influence on my education.

I consider myself a flexible athlete having participated in more than one school activity in my previous years of study. My parents always told me that all work with no play makes Jack a dull boy. Since then I have adopted numerous activities in both team sports and individual sports. Engaging in these activities is crucial to my academic influence in that they equip me with the psychological characteristics to handle challenging situations. Learning to work as a team in the field also reflects a strong ability to indulge other students in group learning.

Taking part in group discussions and assisting other students in areas they are not quite conversant with is crucial in establishing Symbiosis International University as a center of excellence and academic achievement. I will also present numerous social contributions that can influence my education at Symbiosis International University. One of my greatest social skills is the ability to interact with people and make new friends. My social skills are not limited and restricted in regard to age, race, and gender. I exercise a peaceful co-existence between people from different backgrounds and openly speak against all forms of discrimination.

Pursuing a career in Business Administration means that I will be in constant touch with people from different backgrounds, and any levels of discrimination would indicate a career suicide. My peaceful co-existence with people from all walks of life will also aid the school in achieving a diversified environment. If possible, I would like to start a social club in the school, and if it exists I will gladly become an active member who promotes peace and integration within the school's environment.

A united environment would translate to a better learning environment for all students. The liabilities that will influence my education are focused on the utilization of resources. The desire to achieve significant academic qualities revolves around the extensive use of resources. I wish to employ the adequate use of both personnel and library and other school resources in my path to academic excellence. Symposium International University is one of the higher learning institutions why resources match the desire to provide quality education. Your values in matching student expectations are congruent with the resources available.

I will also depend on the vast environment of like-minded peers and excellent staff who have excelled significantly in whatever they do. I believe that Symbiosis International University is critical to the attainment of my long-term and short-term goals and objectives. My current and short term goals involve the achievement of quality education in an institution that is focused on quality and service maximization. Becoming part of Symbiosis International University is critical to achieving my short-term goals and objective while forming a strong foundation for my long-term objectives.

An opportunity with your institution will expose me to a broad range of experiences at an international capacity. I will also be able to develop international relations that will work significantly in addressing and attaining a business perspective. The University will also provide me with a mentor who can guide me toward achieving this goal and future objectives. My long-term goal and objective are to become one of the leading business managers working as a chief executive officer in one of the world’ s largest corporations.

Symbiosis International University will provide me with an unmatched platform to achieve these objectives. Pursuing a bachelor’ s degree in business administration at the university and a subsequent master’ s degree in the same category at the same institution will propel me closer to my objectives. Symbiosis International University is a well-regarded school matched by none that will give me a foundation to advance my career in business administration. Being the center of academic excellence in India and internationally, Symbiosis International University offers a lifelong education prospect that places students ahead in their career path.

I believe that Symbiosis International University host of resources will not only help me grow into a successful professional way but also become someone I aspire to be.  

Download free paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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