An Applicant Who Is Pursuing a GMAT for Graduate Programs Craves to Pursue a PhD in Marketing – Admission/Application Essay Example

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The paper “ An Applicant Who Is Pursuing a GMAT for Graduate Programs Craves to Pursue a Ph. D. in Marketing" is a motivating variant of an admission essay on marketing. Following my experience in the job market, I have realized the need to advance my studies by pursuing a Ph. D. in Marketing. When I completed my Master's degree in 2010, it occurred to me I needed to acquire practical experience serving in a managerial position and my service at Madina Cardiac Center of Saudi Arabia has equipped me with invaluable experience in directing and leading people in an organization.

In addition, the last three years have underscored the indispensability of marketing in the modern world, cultivating in me the need to seek a deeper intellectual understanding of this field. My voluntary service at Madinah Chamber of Commerce and Industry in 2010 identified volatility of modern-day trade and it is from this service that I developed an interest in researching the place of marketing in economically volatile times (Srinivasan, Arvind & Gary, 2005). Even though I have not settled for this as my preferred Ph. D.

thesis area, it is intriguing to me how some organizations keep thriving in such unpredictable economic times. During my time at the Polytechnic Institute of New York University, I got a glimpse of the immense ability that the internet has to impact consumer behavior. Consequently, I have developed a research interest in this area especially in light of the bigger role the internet is playing in marketing and trade back in my home country (Schumann, Florian & Nicole, 2014). It is my confidence that your Ph. D.

program can help shape the viability of researching this area. The successful completion of this Ph. D. program will help me excel in my preferred field of consultancy in marketing. It is my confidence that the pursuit of this degree program will be fundamental to advancing my skills and knowledge in research (Bruggen, Smidts & Wierenga, 2001). I believe that through this program, I will gain familiarity with the quantitative, statistical, and qualitative elements of marketing. When combined with the experience I got while working on patients’ data entry and automation, this knowledge would add value to my other long-term goal of joining the faculty.

As a member of the faculty, I would get a chance to mold future leader and experts in the field of marketing. I would also have the opportunity to contribute to the expansion of the existing knowledge in this field. I am fit for this program because I am currently pursuing a GMAT that prepares international students for graduate programs in the U. S. Additionally my educational training in the Sciences of Management will complement my appreciation of the content of this Ph. D.

program. I am networked, extensively, with groups such as Business Young Ladies Center Committee and Businesswomen Center Committee that offer me access to the current affairs in the business world and this knowledge will expand and advance my understanding of the concepts learned in this Ph. D. program (NewsRx, 2012). I am a sociable person and I shall enjoy expanding my networks to fellow students and faculty members in the program. My problem-solving skills, evident from multiple crises I have settled in Madina Cardiac Center, will also enhance my studies.

Over the course of my educational and professional pursuits, I have received many certificates and awards, all of which is proof of my dynamic potential. Some of the certificates relevant to the Ph. D. program include are Certificate in Principles of Marketing B, Certificate in Cultural Environment of International Business, and Certificate in E-Business. I am optimistic that I will add value to this program by doing my best to produce the quality of research work that can be published in highly reputed journals. This endeavor comes with the recognition of the value that publishing has gained in the advancement of the reputation of institutions of higher learning.

Whereas I reckon that there is a sea of knowledge available on marketing, I believe that not every available piece of information in this field is reliable. Consequently, I challenge us, the aspiring experts in this field, to test and verify existing knowledge in order to ensure that consumers are not endangered by flawed or deceptive marketing (Mone, Pop & Racolta-Paina, 2013). I also believe that your institution is the best place for completing my Ph. D.

program. It will provide a stimulating and challenging environment that will add to my personal and professional development. My dynamic educational and work experience are some of the things that justify my suitability for this Ph. D. program. I have the academic capability that would be needed in handling the content of this program. I am sure I will thrive well in the environment of your school.  

Download free paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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