Master Degree at Montclair University – Admission/Application Essay Example

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The paper "Master Degree at Montclair University" is an exceptional example of an educational application essay.   As a graduate in business studies, it is a desire that I extend my academic understanding of the subject by completing the masters. I am an alumnus of Montclair University, and my majors were Business Studies and Accounting. I opted for a 5-year course at the university in order to save one year from the masters. At the bachelors level, the understanding of a student is limited to textbooks and the lectures offered by the teachers.

However, at masters level the story is different, students are asked to conduct research, analyze all the available literature, and to draw a conclusion from the knowledge one gathers and explores during masters. The enrollment in masters’ course at this university will ease my access to the career I am looking forward to. I plan to pursue a career in business consulting, and a consultant must always stay more informed than its clients. I plan to accomplish doctorate in the field of business studies and management, however, it depends on time and future situation.

Currently, I am focused on getting enrolled at your university, so that I complete my masters in time i. e. 1 year. The courses offered in the masters’ program at the university are more or less new to me, and I want to develop an understanding of all the various courses that are there related to business studies and management. Moreover, I am looking forward to exploring all the opportunities that are available to the students at the university.

Download free paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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