Statement Of Intent: Applying to Chapman University School of Law – Admission/Application Essay Example

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The paper "Statement Of Intent: Applying to Chapman University School of Law" is an excellent example of a business application essay. One affirms that there is a limited number of people who simply manifest an extreme desire and drive for high achievement and success. I am one of these limited few. After having recently enrolled in the Chapman University School of Law, I acknowledged that with my previous academic orientation and thrust in business ventures and entrepreneurship, the most strategic move would be to delve into the JD/MBA Program which aptly increases significantly one’ s employability, marketability, core competencies, and indelibility as a high achiever.

More than eventually confirming that one’ s knowledge and expertise in both the fields of law and business would provide greater prospects as an instrumental contributor to contemporary global organizations, the JD/MBA Program offered by Chapman University is just difficult to resist. My past educational and work experiences have provided the perfect theoretical and practical frameworks for an MBA degree; lest acknowledge that the current JD program from Chapman would assist in honing and further improving skills that include negotiation, communication, leadership, entrepreneurship, cognitive and analytic skills, problem-solving, and decision-making on much higher-level organizational scenarios.

I am genuinely looking forward towards integrating knowledge in Torts Law, Criminal Law, Property Law, and Civil Procedures, Taxation, among others, in business situations that involve the organization’ s human resources and the various stakeholders that businesses normally interact with. The main personal and professional intention is to develop a specialization in these two fields of endeavors and rise within the organizational hierarchy through expertise, introspection, and application needed skills to make an indelible mark in the future of global organizations.

Download free paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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