Special Events – Admission/Application Essay Example

Special Events Special Events Q As an event planner for wedding celebration, for instance, consideration must be on factors such as evaluation, research, design, coordination and planning of the wedding. The event plan must consider the couples desires of having their wedding event held in Texas State besides management of the large population of friends invited.
Planning the event would be most relevant in ensuring the couples preferences of or the wedding. A great event plan must satisfy both the couples’ and extended family’s objectives for the wedding. Planning would also help in research, design, evaluation and coordination of the stakeholders directly involved in the wedding event.
The best event plan relates successful coordination of all the departments involved in the wedding. An event planner, therefore, requires brilliant coordination skills that would eliminate mystification within progression of the wedding.
A preliminary research on the best event places within Texas town is essential. Thorough research would ensure harmony of the couples preferences for the wedding event. Research on the best ways of wedding event reception would be of importance in ensuring relevance of the event.
The best event planner is equally an excellent designer. Designing a wedding event commences form its reception center, food and beverages choice, groom’s dress design and finally the overall outlook of the event. Best designs should defend the couples preference (Goldblatt, 2010).
Q 2
Best event managers are time conscious, resourceful and possess effective communication skills. Good event managers have ability to coordinate themselves besides brilliance in scheduling the entire event team. Enterprising event manager has experience in the profession and always solves arising issues. The event manager should possess perfect speaking and listening skills (Prussakov, 2011, p. 77). They should learn to listen to others while issuing directives to the event planning team.
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