MD Program at One of the Most Prestigious Institutes in the World – Admission/Application Essay Example

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The paper "MD Program at One of the Most Prestigious Institutes in the World" is an outstanding example of an application/admission essay on medical science. Studying medicine is not just a career choice to me, but a passion I developed growing up in a very less privileged country. However, I have no regrets or complaints about that since I am what I am because of the sense of responsibility I developed living in Cameroon. I attended high school in Cameroon but along with my academics, I was always an active participant in co and extracurricular activities.

This is why I dedicated my summer vacations to community work.   During the summer of 2013, I worked at comfort keepers as a PCA/CNA (Certified Nurse Aide). There I had the special chance to work with TBI and Alzheimer patients. Aiding the patients provided for me a feeling of satisfaction and permitted me to think back about my days in Douala, Cameroon. Moreover, I tutored at Umass Dartmouth Language lab from September 2010 to 2013, worked as a tutor in the science tutoring centre, fulfilled the role of the Vice President of the French Club that was made at my college and along with that I worked and volunteered as a TA (Teaching Assistant) for the French department.

These activities and experiences increased my mastery of academic skills and enhanced the sense of connection to the new community I was in. Also, these were very valuable career-related experiences and hence they gave me a sense of pride and accomplishment for having helped someone else, which further, improved my self-esteem and confidence, broke down social barriers and created new friendships for me.

Moreover, during the 2014-2015 period, I took classes that were related to first-year medical schools such as microbiology, parasitology, biochemistry and anatomy and physiology. This was to help ease my transition into medical school. However, what I consider to be my most significant achievement outside the classroom was the realization that medicine was not only the profession I had opted for but it was a need for the world to have good doctors in order to be treated when sick.

My cousin brother Adeh Nteh’ s medical condition of Frontal Lobe Epilepsy, had in fact acted as an eye-opener for me at the age of fourteen. Also, the less privileged community I was brought up in and its poor medical facilities made me feel the importance of human life. Speaking to my pediatrician Dr. Ngifor motivated me too and I began volunteering at a hospital in Douala. Despite the fact that the idea of volunteer work was not generally acknowledged with my associates; considering that nobody I knew worked without pay.

Indeed without help, despite everything I proceeded and did what I thought was correct; helping those in need not caring about the return I could get through it. This realization was all I needed because now the passion to help people is what drives me, not the aim to earn money. I know that my objectives and goals are right and that is only what will make me accomplish them in the future. I consider myself a unique individual because along with my academics I have always focused on community work, tutoring my peers and have been active in various sports.

In my school and college, I have been a player and captain of the soccer team and have actively played tennis as well.   Along with that, I was also a member of the African Student Association (ASA). It is usually considered to be difficult to take part in all these activities simultaneously but I always made sure to keep a balance between them. The background and conditions I was brought up in were the biggest challenges I faced and they contributed in making me realize the importance of my career choice and the responsibility I have taken and pledged to do justice to, in my society.

GW is recognized as one of the most prestigious institutes in the world. It is a regarded and esteemed destination for medical school graduates around the globe. Its facilities for international students and GWs mission and vision to enhance the wellbeing and prosperity of groups past its district by advancing the trading of learning crosswise over societies is what motivated me to apply here and made it top my medical school priority list.

I like challenges, can handle critical situations well and am a competitive person which is why I think I can contribute well to the diversity in the student body at GW. I have specific interest in the MD Program because in its four years it gives students early exposure to patients and it creates exceptional clinical considering, specialized aptitudes, and a feeling of professionalism in the students through it. Especially the Practice of Medicine course attracts me because it offers a clinical apprenticeship to each student since the start of the four-year curriculum.

The idea of starting to practice medicine since the start of the program is what convinced me to apply for this very program.

Download free paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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