Computer and Information Sciences: Specialization in Software Engineering – Admission/Application Essay Example

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The paper "Computer and Information Sciences: Specialization in Software Engineering " is an outstanding example of an admission/application essay on information technology. I am keen to pursue my Masters of Science degree, with a specialization in Software Engineering primarily because of my ardent interests in academics. Doing post-graduation in Science has been a considered decision as it is not only my interest but also a stepping stone for the developmental needs of my future career. The degree would equip me with the necessary skills to meet the challenges of the new global scenario and help me realize my dreams of contributing constructively in the field of computer and information technology.

My short term goal is to become a software engineer and long term goal encompasses becoming a successful computer scientist and maker of innovative video games. Thus, my goals are intrinsically linked to the master’ s course and which has now become my motivation for gaining knowledge and competencies in the required field of computers. I have recently received my Bachelors of Science in Information technology with an emphasis in Software Engineering from the University of Phoenix.

For more than a year, I have been working as a Public Service Intern in Nevada and solve hardware and software related problems of personal computers across different locations. The job has given me a huge practical experience but looking at my interests in programming, my supervisor has decided to move me to the ISA or Information System application. I am excited that I would be moving closer to my area of interest which would give me requisite experience in the development of software applications. While the experience would help me to achieve my short term goal of getting a permanent position in ISA, the Masters would definitely ensure high academic excellence and provide me with opportunities for personal and professional development. From my childhood, I have been drawn towards computers and video games.

Despite coming from a family which could not afford a computer, local libraries became my messiah of knowledge. Whenever I would get free time, I would devour books on computers, whether I could understand them or not! My fascination with computers continued to grow throughout my school days and my excellent performance in the field earned me praise from my teachers, friends, and parents.

I wanted to become an expert in computer software so I could also produce highly interesting video games. This is one of my cherished dreams which I hope to realize someday. The successful completion of undergraduate and graduate degrees from the university has been proof of my excellent academic abilities. The Masters would further enhance and improve my skills so that I am able to meet the challenges of advancing technology with more confidence and make an effective contribution in the field.

University education has made me well equipped to meet the challenges of the current time. The Masters of Science degree would further facilitate and widen my area of knowledge that would greatly help me to apply the skills in the chosen area of my job. Apart from being a highly self-driven person, I am also ambitious and would like to reach the highest level of professional excellence, both in terms of gaining knowledge and experience.

This university program would instill a perceptible understanding of the wide-ranging implications of issues vis-à -vis information system application and help develop a wider perspective towards the issues so that I would be better equipped to exploit the knowledge gained. In five years on, I see myself as a Software Consultant who would be devising ways and means for the global businesses to have customized state of the art information system. I believe that my academic achievements and my work experience would greatly facilitate in expanding my knowledge and skills so that I am able to use the same to enhance my career goals and reach closer to achieving my ambitious dream of developing new video games which would not only be socially relevant but ensure that children through interesting game maneuvers are better able to handle the challenges of the life. I can, therefore, conclude that I would like to reach the highest level of professional excellence, both in terms of gaining knowledge and experience and at the same time, gaining appropriate status.

My exposure in the area of hardware and software has further strengthened my desire to become more proactive and gain a broader understanding of the responses to the demands of the changing times in the area of computers.

Indeed, my master's program from the university, with a specialization in Software Engineering would help me to achieve these goals with sound knowledge and confidence.

Download free paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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