Relevance of the Skills Gained to My Career – Admission/Application Essay Example

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The paper "Relevance of the Skills Gained to My Career" is an outstanding example of an admission essay on sociology. During the undertaking of the task, the self-assessment questionnaire enabled me to realize that I have acquired skills in emotional intelligence. I will be able to benefit from the skills in my career, as they are vital in interaction at any workplace task accomplishment. I benefited from the following skills; self-motivation, social skills, and self-awareness. I managed a score of 92% on self-awareness as the first skill. The score placed me in a position where I could deal with other people within the hotel industry.

Based on my score, I performed best in the ability to be in touch with my consciousness and feelings. I, therefore, was able to deal with other group members from the point of sobriety when articulating my positions. Moreover, I could tell the things that influenced my performance, was decisive and easily interacted with my group members. I had a score of 90 in self-motivation, which reflects me as an individual with a skill of putting effort without supervision.

The most reliable characteristics in this area include the personal initiative in group decisions and continued personal performance improvement during my research. Self-motivation enabled me and my partner conduct our questions of research thoroughly. Besides, we looked into the other questions allocated to other teams in readiness for positive contributions. I gained a score of 88% in social skills which was a relatively high score but called for improvement. However, on social skills, I had the capability of extensive networking and laying a balanced focus on assigned tasks.

Moreover, I listened and consulted with other members of my group. Social skills are essential when working in a team to meet a common goal, in our case the formulation of a report on Whitbread company. I also learned the importance of suspending judgment and upholding an open mind in the execution of a task in a group. The traits of self-awareness will enable me to interact positively with my colleagues while assisting in sound decision-making that governs a group. Moreover, I can differ with some ideas in a manner that reflects my respect for divergent views and beliefs of other people.

Therefore, self-awareness will help me participate in the discussions by either objecting or agreeing with other people's point of views without hurting their egos. Self-motivation is a skill that will enable me to overcome the pressure that comes with stringent deadlines and quotations. However, I can help my group to draw energy from my resilience and commitment to completing tasks. At the same time, the ability will help me promote the personal development of talent and professional skills while taking risks on behalf of the company.

On the other hand, social skills will help me in managing relationships when working with people at different levels of the organization. The skill will help me in promoting cooperation amongst my colleagues when working as the team leader. I will as also use it to promote cohesion and unilateral decision making.

Download free paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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