Why I Want to Earn an Executive MBA in Information Technology – Admission/Application Essay Example

The paper "Why I Want to Earn an Executive MBA in Information Technology" is a wonderful example of a management admission essay.
I intend to pursue an executive MBA in information technology in order to augment my professional skills and add to my qualifications for ample opportunities to get a job in the robust job market. Having acquired 13 years experience in IT, I look forward to attaining competence required to hold the position of chief executive officer in any firm with my MBA. After graduation, I intend to transform my career path and be of value to the firm I work within the next five years as an executive officer. This would involve an efficient managerial qualification, which I will be able to attain after I finish my MBA.
The executive MBA and IT qualification would improve my strategic and social skills needed as an executive. These skills would enable me to strategize activities in various organizational structures in any organization I work for. My desires to pursue an MBA originate from the observations I made from my former friend who greatly influenced his firm after attaining the qualifications. From the skills acquired from the course, I believe I will be in an excellent place to be employed in a management position, where I will be able to improve the image of my organization through proper leadership and management skills.
This the right time to undertake my MBA course having gained much experience in IT as I look forward to moving a step higher professionally and move to a management position. My analytical and interpersonal skills would make a substantial impact at this time when technology is a key driver in contemporary industries.