Why Education is a Critical Concept in my Life – Admission/Application Essay Example

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The paper "Why Education is a Critical Concept in my Life? " is a great example of a philosophy admission essay. As early as from the age of seven, I have always had dreams of gaining a successful career as a civil engineer. However, in order to acquire such a lucrative profession one must have an appropriate education. Several scholars across the world have pointed out at education as a critical concept that steers up the success of an individual. As such, I developed passion and value for education because it gives me an insight of a global knowledge.

Moreover, it also helps in building social interactional skills giving way to a varied number of opportunities that somebody who is not learned cannot get. Personally, I have recognition for education to be very important in life since it forms the principal foundation from which my future aspiration and success are built. My aspiration in pursuant to education has been motivated by Kelly Stewart, a global hero who championed education as a key success to an individual’ s life. In his speech, he proclaims that without education, you cannot achieve the best you want in life.

Moreover, there is a lot of evidence of how educated elites enjoy a better life with good earnings while uneducated members of the society can be positively identified as less fortunate who are languishing in poverty. After my high school level of education, which is an obvious activity for most people, I decided to pursue education further at the university level. The above came as a result of motivation received from my family especially my parents who took their time and pointed out for me the benefits of education.

Through their motivation, I was meant to understand to understand how education is critical to the future life and my entire family in the near future hence I developed the spirit to pursue education to the last bit of my life.

Download free paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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