Who Is Your Hero – Admission/Application Essay Example

The paper "Who Is Your Hero?" is a great example of an educational application essay.
Ardently gasped back in time, I recall how well I have adored my dearest uncle. He is one individual I would like to write my life about all over again. He made me comprehend the true nuances of life when he suggested “my dear young boy, you will always find me whenever you need me within thick and thin”, and so has been the case ever since I started growing up. I found my uncle to acquaint his presence as soon as I ran into trouble or had to enjoy some of the best moments which came in my life. He has been one phenomenal character that I have treasured and I would be honored to live the next life, if ever there was one, just like him.
This individual has analyzed things from my perspective – held my hand whenever I felt down and gave me strength on a number of occasions. I believe God has shown me the right path in the form of an angel and it is no one else but my dearest uncle. His chivalry has won me over time and again, and his courage to speak with wisdom and faith in his own beliefs makes me proud of my association with him. He is a jovial fellow who would laugh even under some of the most difficult of circumstances. I feel pride in calling him my mentor because he has given me so much and this does not seem to come to an end at all.