The True Objective and Purpose of Education – Admission/Application Essay Example

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The paper "The True Objective and Purpose of Education" is a good example of an admission essay on education. The idea and basic concept of education are to promote the ability to think amongst people. The education is also defined as the acquisition of knowledge and knowledge, on the other hand, is considered as the information that can help humans in the modification of their behaviors. In more general terms, knowledge is the information that can be used in order to benefit and improve society (Miller, 70). The educational institutions are believed to be the ideal ones if they are supporting and motivating the essence of doing a critical analysis of the situation in their students.

The definition of education provided by Luther King is an inspiring one but its application always remained questionable in the commercialized educational world of the 21st century. The educational facilities of modern times have been known to transform into commercial entities and their focus is on the maximization of profits and financial returns. The true definition of education and knowledge has become something irrelevant to contemporary educationists.

The institutions which are providing the students with the real type of knowledge are few in number and they are infamous as well. The students do not want to enroll in them because they consider these schools more difficult as they demand extra and sincere effort from the students. The real knowledge is the one that can help the students in the process of sustaining their professional lives while; it also assists them in becoming a contributive citizen of the society as well.   The growing trends of commercialization and marketability in educational institutions have made the teaching to become a fulltime profession but historically it was not the case.

The teachers in the past, were famous for guiding people for free whereas, they used to earn their living by providing other more active contributions to society. The teachers of that time also engaged in intensive research and provided the students with clearer picture of the concepts. The real art and science of education are practically dying out. The abovementioned reality is strengthening because the gap between the educational and professional worlds is growing.

The students often claim to learn more from a little exposure to the practical world in comparison to that which they grasped in the school. Additionally, the schools are now producing mindless employees as they are supposed to follow and memorize what has been written a million times. The students in major number of institutions are not supposed to think and reflect and therefore, the pupils who make up to the strategic positions are rare and a few in quantity. The modern educational system is no doubt failing to produce thinkers and that is the essence of education.

The prospective has finally been lost. The ship of education is in turmoil due to its inability to find out an objective and direction. I have worked at a local bank where I had to perform the duties of the customer representative. The position caused me to keep guessing about the attitudes, behaviors, and needs of the customers. This requirement of the job pushed me to engage in the process of critical thinking. The ray of hope is still prevalent in those who really understand the true purpose of education.

The optimistic values in education are still breathing and alive because of the presence of institutions like LMU where characters of the students are constructed and they are guided to serve the humanity with the best of their abilities. The commercial values are uprooted and the pupils are told to work towards bettering themselves. They are also motivated to keep the learning process steady for the lifetime. Nevertheless, it is a well-documented reality that if somebody keeps on learning then he or she will continue to earn substantially as well.

The commercial objectives can be fulfilled with the help of meeting the intellectual ones and at the end of the day; the person emerges as a better and improved individual. The institutions need to plow the seed of learning in the students and the featured facility is doing that because the teachers tell the students to look but what they do not tell is the direction of the sight. The students are freed to think about what they want.

The students are often told to write what they think and the resultant documents are submitted as research projects. These tiny projects and intellectual endeavors help the students in becoming strategic leaders of the future. Human civilization tends to grow as a result of citizens’ ability to think and implement those thoughts in the field. The thoughts can be purified and presented in an educational setting but they can only be implemented in the industrial and corporate world. The need to develop formal linkages between industries and education sector is more than important now and I want to be the part of it by joining LMU.

Download free paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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