Taking a Dual Masters Program to Become an Efficient Manager in an Operation Intensive Company – Admission/Application Essay Example

The paper “Taking a Dual Masters Program to Become an Efficient Manager in an Operation Intensive Company" is a pathetic example of an application essay on management. I hereby submit my letter of motivation to express my interest in taking a Dual Masters Program as offered by your Based on your university’s outstanding capacity and my available resources including time and financial resources, I have purposed to undertake two programs from the same institution, Masters of Arts in Marketing Management and Masters in Science in Operations Management. The intention to combine these two courses has been motivated by my ‘long-term’ dream to be an all-round and efficient manager in an operation intensive company, a dream that I have maintained since my childhood.
Even though I qualify, based on my academic background, for a management position, my objective is to become a reputable and internationally recognized top organizational manager, a status that is only achievable through high academic qualifications from a reputable institution like yours. The desire to be an international company’s Chief Executive Officer has however been my immediate drive to pursuing the courses. This is because of the increasingly competitive environment in which employers are keen on the best professionally equipped candidates who can adjust to various work environments and positions.
My aim, upon completion of the two Masters Programs, is to work in the airline industry because of its scope that corresponds to my previous degree in Hotel and Tourism Management. I also intend to apply my acquired skills to influence my country through any available opportunity such as lecturing in business based academic institutions and motivating young people through peer group initiatives. I will also apply my knowledge to educate the public through informed publications in journals and magazines. 

Secondary to my professional objectives for taking the programs, I have strong convictions and ambitions of being a social figure in the society, a state that can only be achieved after meeting physiological and safety needs. A better academic and professional status will facilitate my capacity to effectively and positively mobilize and influence the youth into ‘self-reliance’ through the pursuit of education. This is because a large percentage of the group has been absorbed into negative peer pressure and requires an outstanding figure with zeal, like mine, to educate them on the importance of education and motivational factors to pursuing higher education.
I also wish to express my confidence in my ability to complete the programs within the institution’s schedules. This is because of my background education in management, Bachelor of International Business in Hotel Management, and my rich work experience in management related fields. I, for example, for six months worked in a food and beverage department of a Switzerland hotel, working as an assistant to the logistics and events manager of an international company. This was followed by a yearlong experience in different managerial capacities. Consequently, my work experience forms a strong basis for my adaptation into the programs whose core courses are management-oriented (Mba, 2012).
I am therefore the most suitable candidate for the Dual Master Program because of my motivation, academic background and the relevant work experience. Having already committed the necessary resources also means that I am able to smoothly complete programs.

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