Personal Development Planning – Admission/Application Essay Example

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The paper "Personal Development Planning" is a good example of an application essay on education.   Foreign exchange is categorized as one the most liquid financial market since its trading is on a global level scale, on the other hand, this has earned it recognition as one of the world’ s fast-paced markets. Large corporations, financial institutions, central banks, and other individuals have discovered forex trading in the currency market as a great niche to boost one's income. This is the reason why I choose trading cryptocurrencies as one of the pathways to pursue in the course of gaining an income and also gain employability skills.

The second pathway that I chose in obtaining these objectives is pursuing a Finance and Business degree course. This boosted my span of opportunities which vary from corporate and international organizations and financial intermediary job opportunities. However, in pursuing this degree course, I was instilled with some fundamental employability skills which complement the skills attained while I am doing part-time forex trading. This paper, therefore, links my choice of the pathway to the acquisition of various employability skills. Trading cryptocurrencies require one to have outstanding analytical skills which ensure that one is in a position to argue and debate the outcome of currency while trading.

This entails the Interpretation of complex material, picking out inconsistencies in once reasoning, and analyzing data from an expert's point of view. This helped me sharpen my analytical skills which a fundamental employability skill especially in the finance industry. In analyzing the forex charts I was able to note a currency's performance trend, therefore, enabling me to predict its future performance. Similarly, this skill in the job market context will enable me to analyze the performance of a company or corporate.

On the other hand through an in-depth market analysis where one monitors breaking currency news in an effort to predict its current market is and its future performance. These skills exhibited in the market's current analysis will help in financial analysis in the job market where analysis is conducted to come up with a recommendation of an organization's financial goals. This, therefore, helps in the attainment of this employability skill. Since trading cryptocurrencies, one is required to make a trade on multiple currencies in order to make a sustainable income one has to have exemplary decision-making skills.

This entails deciding whether to go for that high-risk trade or to opt-out, generally, in all trades, a trader is required to make a decision one way or another (Luther, 2015). This, therefore, calls for one to have excellent decision-making skills this degree course make a sustainable profit. In the course of trading cryptocurrencies, I was able to work on my decision skill through everyday trading which helps me sharpen this skill.

In the finance industry, this is a fundamental skill since it entails analyzing various financial sources of a company that will determine the strategies you decide to pursue in order to achieve financial success for the company. With good decision-making skills, one can ensure that a company’ s financial performance is remarkable through choosing to pursue the strategies that best fit the company.


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Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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