Application of Seven Core Values of Physical Therapists – Admission/Application Essay Example

The paper "Application of Seven Core Values of Physical Therapists" is a worthy example of an admission essay on health sciences&medicine. I would like to cite my personal experience that reflected the 7 core values of a physical therapist when I came here to the United States.  I came from Cuba and I am already 22 years old when I arrived in America.  I am grateful for coming into this land country and I would like to give back to this society that had given me an opportunity by practicing social responsibility.  Whenever I have available time, I do volunteer work in a physical therapy clinic as my gesture of giving back to the community that had given me an opportunity.  I love this volunteer work because it allows me to show compassion to people that patients ask for me even if I am no longer around. I also do my job with utmost integrity so that I can keep it for a long time realizing that it affords to send myself to a university.  Whatever responsibility that may be assigned to me, I do it with a sense of professional duty as my gesture of appreciation for the company.  I work hard for me to get into the university because I believe that I am personally responsible for my future.  My future depends on my effort and nobody will give it to me on a silver platter so I have to work for it.  I also strive for excellence in everything that I do and that includes my work and school.  I dream of putting up a nonprofit organization in the future to help people better their lives and do my share in making our society better.   I hope and pray that I will be able to finish college so that I will be in a better position not only to better my lot but also to help others who are in need.