Christian Values and Teachings of Pepperdine University – Admission/Application Essay Example

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The paper “ Christian Values and Teachings of Pepperdine University" is a sapid variant of an admission essay on management. Pepperdine’ s mot "Freely ye received, freely give, ” creates a sense of admiration within everyone. This mission statement declares that an individual’ s behavior towards others and his interaction with them should be according to Christian values and teachings. I am convinced that everyone lives their life for a destined purpose: to better the lives of others. I was taught the structure and basics of Christianity at Tsinghua University and have since tried to be as ethical and virtuous as possible.

Moreover, I always wanted to help society. Being the vice president of the student council, I organized a community service event at a deaf children recovery center called Sylvan Center. It is a non-profit center located in rural Beijing, and because of the lack of funds and resources, the equipment present was very old and the children were deprived of many facilities. Thus, it seemed like a suitable site where students could help and lend their services and make the rehabilitation center, a better place.

We went there every Friday to attend to the deaf children. I remember my first visit to the place; the children were roaming around the institute, some looked cheery and were playing among themselves, while others just wandered aimlessly wearing a blank expression on their faces. There were few teachers present as well and were looking over the children. Upon meeting us for the first time, the children seemed a little nervous, as they did not know who we were. The teachers helped us introduce ourselves to the children and tried to convince them that we were here to play with them.

This brought a smile on the faces of most of the children, and they started feeling more relaxed around us. We mostly played with the children on our first day and tried to teach them how to draw. It seemed like the children loved having us around, and their innocent faces beaming with happiness, just made my heart melt. As weeks passed, we managed to develop a close relationship with the children. Although we were not professional teachers, and they could not understand everything we said or did, their jovial expressions told the whole story.

It was clear that the children enjoyed our presence and their excitement made us feel good about ourselves. We were glad that we were able to help them and make them happy. We could not do much as far as teaching was concerned, because we were not professional enough to be a deaf children teacher. But the joy we were able to give them, probably meant more than real knowledge. Though they could not speak their gratefulness out, we could deeply perceive the communication of warmth and happiness through their eyes.

As the organizer of the whole event, I not only gained moral satisfaction but it also gave me confidence and boosted my leadership qualities. While I was delighted that I was able to become a source of happiness for the deaf children, I also felt that I had done a decent job in leading my group and in making this whole event memorable and constructive for everyone.

Download free paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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