Reasons to Become a Nurse – Admission/Application Essay Example

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The paper "Reasons to Become a Nurse" is an excellent example of an application/admission essay on nursing.   A calling to be part of the medical profession as a health care practitioner in the capacity of a nurse cannot be ignored. Nursing, as a profession, has seen tremendous changes in theoretical orientation and practical application in contemporary times. In specific health institutions all over the world, healthcare starts with the nurses. Due to the challenging roles and diversely wide opportunities available for nurses, I am profoundly and genuinely interested to become a nurse.   There have been several relevant experiences in past and present work settings that influenced by the decision to become a nurse.

For one, I was a patient care technician at Robert Wood Johnson University Hospital for two years. Likewise, I gained some exposure to the profession as a nursing unit secretary for two years at the St. Peters University Hospital. Concurrent with this, I became a maternity technician in the same hospital for three years until the present time. More importantly, family members who are part of the medical profession provided the impetus for my delving in the same field of endeavor.   I see the nursing profession as a career with vast opportunities for both personal and professional development.

The drive to be of direct assistance in patient care has been so intriguing and challenging that I would like to be given the chance to hone my skills, competencies, and qualifications in this field. Contemporary times have seen nurses actively assuming more and greater responsibilities in the delivery of health care. I honestly would like to be accorded the opportunity to be instrumental in improving the thrust of health care in global health organizations in the near future.

Download free paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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