Nursing Program Re-Entry Process – Admission/Application Essay Example

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The paper "Nursing Program Re-Entry Process" is an exceptional example of an admission essay on nursing. I am writing this letter in reference to my application for re-admission into your good university's Nursing program. I understand that I most likely lost my student slot in the nursing department when I was dropped from the program due to my underperformance in my math classes at the time. That is why I am hoping that I can appeal to the admissions committee for re-admission after considering some difficult circumstances that were existing for me at the time that I was a regular nursing student in the department.   The courses in Mathematics that was required of me to take during that time proved to be far too difficult for me to handle.

I was totally unprepared for the rigid and strict math lessons that were being thrown my way causing me to develop severe anxiety attacks. The mere thought of having to take any sort of math exam at the time left me in a state of panic coupled with the highest possible levels of anxiety each time I recalled the three strike rule in the math classes.

Fail 3 times and you are out of here.   The pressure that the three strike rule placed on me proved to be my undoing. The harder I tried to pass the tests, the more I failed at it. Which is why I was automatically dropped from the program after I failed 3 successive tests.   Having conscious knowledge of my shortcomings as a Nursing student, I now know how to deal with the pressures that I will be facing once I am re-admitted into the Nursing department.

I fully intend to make an appointment for a consultation with L. Garret in order to seek out his expertise and advice in dealing with the challenges that I face as a nursing student. He has helped many students before me and I am highly confident that I will be able to succeed where I failed at first under L. Garret's guidance. Since I fully intend on becoming one of the most outstanding nurses to have ever matriculated from this university, I intend to utilize all of the available university resources in making that ambition a reality.

I shall start off by ensuring that I shall become an outstanding student in all my classes by enrolling in the learning lab for tutoring in most of my classes. It does not matter whether I need the tutoring or not, the mere fact that I will be able to review my notes with someone who is already familiar with the topic being discussed will already prove to be an advantage for me. I will also spend more time reviewing the medication calculation book so that I will no longer get panic and anxiety attacks whenever I am called upon to solve a math problem or solve a math test.

I plan to avoid the panic and anxiety attacks by learning the art of meditation and deep breathing relaxation techniques. These are activities which I can do prior to the start of my tests or classes in order to clear my mind of any hindering thoughts or emotions.   These are but a few of the changes that I plan to implement upon myself once I am given another opportunity to prove my mettle as a nursing student at this highly respected university.

I know that I can do more in order to fulfill my plans and bring acclaim to the university as one of the best nursing schools in our state. All I need is the opportunity to do so.  

Download free paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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