My Paper Topic Is In The Order Instructions – Admission/Application Essay Example

Module Purpose ment The main reason I am applying for BS in Agricultural Science has been highly influenced by my interest and experience in the field. My interest in the field developed at an early and my decision to pursue the course was influenced by father who studied and practices agricultural science (Burkam 67). I was always fascinated by the how he worked on various projects and would go through his plans and he would explain the basics involved in the field. This encouraged me work hard in my studies, as I was aware of the fact that the course demanded exemplary academic performance. This hard work and dedication will enable me to pursue and excel in this course and succeed in the landscaping career.
I have always enjoyed landscaping and have read extensively on the field. I was lucky as I had access to my father’s books and journals and consulted him on various issues. While in college, I went for an internship in a banana company known as Las Pampitas. The company is a well- established landscaping firm that produces the brand known as Carmelita. I learnt numerous lessons from this internship and it became the first step in my future career. I learnt that innovation is a continuous process in the landscaping field and is the basis of all concepts applied in the field. Innovation starts by the way crops are planted, irrigated and harvested. Landscapers should keep coming up with means of improving the quality and quantity of the yield. In summary, the opportunity to pursue BS in Agricultural Science would be a huge step in my career as a landscaper.
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