The Career Goals and How an M.Ed. will build My Achievements – Admission/Application Essay Example

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The paper "The Career Goals and How an M. Ed. will build My Achievements" is a worthy example of an admission essay on health studies& medicine. As can be understood by everyone, education is a form of learning in which skills, knowledge, and habits of people in the society are transferred from a given generation to another through training, research, teaching among other activities (Dewey, 1944, pp 1-4). Education occurs as a result of what one has gained through experience that usually has a formative effect on how one acts, feels or even thinks. I have been stepping on various level of education from my junior classes to where I am now ready to attain the Master in Education.

My passion for upgrading my education level has been aroused by the experience I have achieved throughout my learning but most importantly the needs for my experience all over the world. Specifically the residing country, there is a need for my skills as there are limited professionals who contrast my dynamic potentials in terms of experience and efforts, which I pertain. Besides being the Bachelor of Education holder, I have two years experience in the line of my career.

One year of which I attained when working in mainstreaming school with Duane syndrome and the other in the Autism Center. While teaching at the Autism Center, I discovered that teachers need more supervisors and specialists in order to assist them in their teaching services. In this case, I declared to be among those specialists as it is my passion as a teacher to show the special needs support patients and believes in the services offered in the sector.

This is to lead others in believing in themselves and encourage them to face the hardships before the career. However, it would be the pleasure to get a chance to pursue and complete the Masters in Education, as it is my passion to improve the special education system in my country. This is in order to facilitate and make it easy for the teachers to offer the services needed in simplified nature specifically to the special needs students.

Download free paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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