Midwifery Degree Application to De Montfort University – Admission/Application Essay Example

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The paper "Midwifery Degree Application to De Montfort University" is a great example of an application essay on nursing. After having acquired my basic qualification at matriculation level, I was clueless about the career I should choose for the future. As that year was of greater importance to anybody’ s student life, I was no exemption from deciding on the best possible field of education. At the high school level, I was good at mathematics and sciences except for biology, only as the last one demanded me so much of drawings. I must say I was weak at drawing figures in the record book and most of the models seemed strange to me.

Practical lab at the school was a scary thing for me because of the live-dissections and bloodstains.   Everything changed in my life very soon with my meeting a friend’ s sister on one of the days during our annual vacation. She was working as a nurse at a reputed hospital in London and had long tales of working with human lives. She mostly worked in the labor rooms and her confidence in handling the difficult situations of patients was obvious from the details.

Her explanations were enterprising and I felt as though I were standing beside Florence Nightingale; such was her expression. That was the moment I realized the need for learning the sciences of life care so that I would be able to serve humanity. Later on, I decided to pursue the medical stream of higher secondary school education alongside an opportunity to assist the staff of a local nursing home. The work-to-study pattern I chose was really beneficial for me because on one side, I was becoming experienced with actual situations and on the other side; I was growing more enthusiastic towards the life science and healthcare subjects.

At the end of the day, I had a reputable score in my final year exams. Now, after the due completion of required qualifications for the studies in degree in midwifery, I would like to join the nursing college for a competent graduate certification. I searched better names among institutions that offer this stream of education and many names came before me.

De Montfort University is not an accidental choice to me; I know the faculty at the esteemed institute is one of the best presently available to train students in the field of Nursing and Midwifery. From the online prospectus of the university, it was seen that the campus is a world-class one with regular visits of MNCs offering campus selections. Further, I know the university also offers ample of chances to midwives to improve their professional excellence through first-hand clinical experience matching the international standards (De Montfort University).

There can be nothing happier for me than having a degree in midwifery from De Montfort University. I know the profession of a midwife is risky and laborious, but at the same time, it is greatly rewarding too. Owing to the little experience I have in this field, I believe my studies will shine me out well and I will be able to find a position in a large hospital as a professional very soon. I truly dedicated to this noble profession and have been passionate about learning the course and the opportunities I will have as a successful graduate.

All I can say is I would be delighted and intensely grateful to be listed in the names of entrants to the course of midwifery at this university.

Download free paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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