A Plan to Become a Master in Integrated Marketing – Admission/Application Essay Example

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The paper “ A Plan to Become a Master in Integrated Marketing" is a breathtaking version of an admission essay on marketing. My intended program of study significantly relates to my goals. I am inclined towards communication strategies and the media, and such factors as online branding. I am certain that digital marketing is what I want to study owing to my previous experience in online marketing and the ability to communicate fluently. My choice of NYU School of Professional Studies is because it actually has market-focused courses that center on my desired field of study, specifically digital marketing.

In addition, the NYU School of Professional Studies is a reputable organization that has mentored several students to develop their professional goals and fit into the competitive world successfully. My professional goals include venturing into the field of digital marketing. This involves web analytics, email marketing, and mobile marketing. As a leader in a marketing organization, I intend to use digital marketing skills in creating a sophisticated organization that can provide all digital marketing needs to technologically conscious consumers. As a future digital marketer, I require hands-on, nuts-and-bolts skills in other relevant areas such as e-commerce and social media.

After a careful analysis of the units offered by NYU School of Professional Studies in brand marketing, I am confident that the course will help me achieve my professional goals through the acquisition of creativity, academic, and professional skills that I can use both as a student and afterward. The graduate program is right for me academically because it prepares me for the current job environment. Earning a master’ s degree will boost my resume and make it stand out with recruiters and potential employers.

It will enable me to battle out for competitive managerial positions owing to the associated academic experience. From an academic perspective, the Masters in Integrated Marketing  program at the NYU School of Professional Studies prepares me with academic knowledge and analytical skills that are necessary to achieve my professional goals. The breadth and depth of courses will definitely equip me with a strong foundation in campaign management, database management, digital marketing, finance, leadership, modeling, and strategic planning. These skills will help me to predict and tackle the needs of the dynamic and exciting business environment. The graduate program is right for me professionally because it equips me with the relevant skills to adapt to the rapidly evolving technological society and increasingly complicated consumer population.

The program is important because it will enable me to learn to develop strategies and new approaches that can help my future organization gain a competitive edge. I intend to be a visionary leader that can put into practice persuasive marketing campaigns, grow market share, and increase the bottom line of my future organization.

My focus on digital marketing is relevant to the graduate program, especially with the rapid evolution of technology. The program will give me a better understanding of the primary role of integrated marketing in order to build a brand image and brand equity. I will contribute to the program as a student in several ways. Primarily, I will help to build up evaluative standards to establish success or failure of any given integrated marketing campaign that exists in the school. I will achieve this by writing a comprehensive thesis that addresses relevant and current concerns in the marketing environment.

Secondly, I will help develop knowledge in the discipline of integrated marketing through research-oriented strategies. As both a student and a leader, I can learn and at the same time, lead other students in the development of such strategies. Finally, I will help to develop pioneering and practical global programs that are useful in the course. Afterward, I will contribute to the program in some ways. I will identify areas in which each functional area of integrated marketing is applicable and useful in the real world.

In addition, I will investigate how an assortment of factors in the global environment influences integrated marketing decisions. Since I intend to concentrate on digital marketing, I can identify the factors that characterize consumer decision making, learn to assess the results of direct marketing operation, and interpret marketing objectives into valuable digital media strategies. A graduate program is essential at this point of my life to help me achieve my academic and professional goals. Upon graduation from NYU School of Professional Studies, I intend to assume a position of power in which I can be a leader and trendsetter in the field of digital marketing.

Although it was not my initial dream job, my exposure to the digital world and online marketing, while in college, cemented digital marketing as my career path. My ambition, determination, and strong will to succeed are my power factors to achieve success during my graduate program and afterward.

Download free paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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