The Field of Linguistics – Admission/Application Essay Example

The paper "The Field of Linguistics" is a good example of an application/admission essay on humanitarian. I graduated from King Abdulaziz with a bachelor’s degree in Education, majoring in English. The field of linguistics is growing significantly, and I am motivated to be part of this growth. Although numerous opportunities are available in many areas of employment, I believe that a graduate degree in linguistics will make me more competitive. This is why I am interested in the graduate program in applied linguistics at Carleton University. I would have deviated from English and pursued an entirely new discipline, but I am confident that specialization is better for my career prospects. Considering that I intend to enroll in a Ph.D. in the future, the master's program will pave the way for me to further my education and enhance my soft and technical skills. Ultimately, I plan to become a consultant so that I can have enough allowance to conduct independent research in linguistics and other areas. Consultancy requires a high degree of specialization, which starts with a graduate degree. Linguistics is becoming more competitive and employers have increased the requirements in hiring linguists. A graduate degree will make me more marketable so that I access better and more career opportunities. I have heard and read about the excellent facilities, learning environment, and culture at Carleton. I am eager to become a part of its community and contribute to the development of the program. I am excited at the prospect of achieving personal and professional growth at the institution and ready for the demands of the program.