Letter To The English Honours Program Committee At The University Of British Columbia Explaining My – Admission/Application Essay Example

The English Honours Program Committee, of British Columbia Dear Sir, I am writing this letter to express my interest in being admitted in the English Honors Program at the University. Admittance to the program would serve as a stepping stone in assisting me achieve my goals and ambitions that lie in the English fraternity. I have identified that researching and teaching English Literature is my passion and I would like to pursue it as a career.
The English Honours Program is an excellent opportunity for me to concentrate on the study of English Literature than in my current undergraduate degree program. My results in the undergraduate program show my interest and aptitude for studying English Literature at an advanced level. Furthermore, in the Honours Program I will meet like-minded peers who will spur me in excelling in the subject.
Another reason for my interest in the Program is its allowance for individual independent study in the subject. The numerous opportunities in tutorial teaching and seminar work provided shows the dedication the administrators have in teaching the language. I also admire the traditions retained in the teaching of English literature through the study of writers who have influenced the language since its inception. I also admire the focus the program puts in developing students skills in reading, writing and critiquing. The program will assist me developing my systematic study of the English language. In addition, the program will sharpen my skills in developing scholarly procedures and literary studies.
The environment provided by the program suits my learning and interest in the English Language. I hope my enthusiasm will assist you in considering my application into the prestigious English Honours Program. I look forward to your feedback soon.