International Marketing Management Programm at Hochschule fr Wirtschaft und Recht Berlin – Admission/Application Essay Example

The paper "International Marketing Management Programm at Hochschule fr Wirtschaft und Recht Berlin" is a marvelous example of a marketing admission essay. I am writing to express my interest and intention of joining the Hochschule fr Wirtschaft und Recht Berlin to pursue an M.A in International Marketing Management. I am a twenty-eight year old from Poland national who has lived in the United Kingdom for eight years where I graduated with honors and distinction with an M.A in International Business and Management from the University of Westminister in London. It is critical to mention that I graduated with merit which was of top ten percent in the cohort.  Throughout my academic life, I have pursued excellence at a personal level and from the Universities that I attend and I have no doubt that Hochschule fr Wirtschaft und Recht Berlin fits the definition of excellence in all aspects. I am an extremely hard working person who is open minded, assertive, and objective, self-motivated and finds joy and happiness in sharing knowledge with peers. I am also motivated by the desire to use my skills and knowledge to inspire SMEs and minority ethnicities to attain higher levels of economic stabilization and independence. This is so because most European governments do not factor in the help and contributions of these group yet they drive the economy. Thus, it is my desire to increase my pool of knowledge and in turn, use the same knowledge to transform the society to greater economic heights of independence and prosperity.  On a personal scale, I feel that I have the requisite entrepreneurial skill, background, and motivation to pursue this program having been raised in a business family. I would be greatly honoured If you considered my application since I have the requisite requirements to make a first class student in Hochschule fr Wirtschaft und Recht Berlin. 

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