Career of Chief Probation Officer – Admission/Application Essay Example

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The paper "Career of Chief Probation Officer" is an outstanding example of an admission/application essay on social science. People have different views and opinions about issues but the magic of influence lies in their way of explanation and reasoning. Good writing skills require the writer to motivate the readers on reading on, thinking, analyzing, evaluating and in the end accepting the writer’ s view. My interest and struggles lead me in preparing excellent assignments, speeches, and academic papers. It has always been my goal to achieve more academic successes than everyone else.

I have a keen interest in studying, learning and applying education to my personal and professional life. I have observed from my personal experiences that degrees along with knowledge help a person in developing and achieving success in professional life. Knowing this fact, I am more motivated than ever to achieve a higher level degree and build my name in the chosen profession quickly and sturdily. The motivation behind achieving a Masters Degree is the aim to advance my career as a Probation Officer and eventually become a Chief Probation Officer.

The aim to become a Chief Probation Officer is not based on mere thoughts but is supported by continuous and persistent efforts. I have a vast experience of working as a Probation officer over several years. I am currently designated as a Probation Officer for the City of Fort Morgan. I also worked as a Probation officer for the State of Colorado. It is worth mentioning that I worked as a Loss Prevention Manager while completing my Under Graduate Degree. I would like to stay in the Law Enforcement Field and will struggle to either become a Chief Probation Officer or move into Parole.

Keeping my goals and aims in view I believe that a Masters degree will give me the skills necessary to compete for promotions and the achievement of my goals. As a Probation Officer, I need to have great time management skills to deal with several tasks at a time. I will incorporate my studies in my life by studying in the later hours of the day and during weekends and holidays. I will prepare a timetable to balance my studies and other life affairs.

My ambitious nature and interest in education will lead me to manage my job and studies efficiently. I am more motivated to study as I have the chance to apply the learned concepts immediately in my routine.

Download free paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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