Applying to Kindergarden – Admission/Application Essay Example

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The paper "Applying to Kindergarten" is a perfect example of an educational application essay. Every child born is a gift of God and in 2007, Pranav was born to us. Innovation and determination were perhaps instilled in him since birth. No matter what works he takes on, be it building his Lego truck or reading his favorite comic, he makes sure he completes the task without caring about the time. He is a quick learner; he rarely preferred missing school since he loves the learning environment and the opportunity to interact with others.

He learned early to differentiate between what he liked and what he disliked. He is mathematically oriented and loves reading books and watching games. He is extremely friendly and adjusts easily in a new atmosphere. He is a sharp learner and tends to learn things that interest him. Pranav is extremely caring by nature and even though we are working on his habit of trying to gain attention, we do know that he puts others before himself. We are well aware that our son has a few drawbacks but since he is still learning I am sure we can help him overcome them.

His tendency to differentiate things often makes him resistant to learning new things that he does not like, for example, he never practices writing or completes a task that does not interest him. He is a picky eater and often skips eating his vegetables. He tends to lose focus easily while talking to others which we have controlled by making him attend swimming and tennis lessons where through positive reinforcement he has learned to listen keenly to others.

We have taught him the values of respecting his own culture as well as that of others. All together Pranav is a promising child with immense potential which needs proper guidance. It is true that parents are a child’ s true teachers but we cannot deny the fact that a school plays an important role in a child’ s life. In our culture and religion, a guru or teacher’ s position is higher than that of parents. Pranav is in his “ de-novo” stage and we want him to receive a holistic education that would not only make us proud parents but would make him a good human.

We want to provide the same environment that Pranav has been accustomed to so far because even though he is good at adjusting we as parents realize that it can be stressful. St. Marks high ratings, holistic curriculum, and the students themselves represent the great standards of education and we as parents want our son to have the best form of education possible. We are sure that the faculty would help Pranav overcome his little negative points and hone the positive skills and help him not only set goals but achieve them.

As parents, we would love to be involved in the growth of our son and that of the school. It is our dream to try and provide our child with the best that we can and help him become a responsible, reliable, honest and educated citizen. We are looking forward to becoming a part of the huge St. Marks family and watching our son embark on his journey of education with guidance from St. Marks.

Download free paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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