Psychology in the School of Humanities and Liberal Arts – Admission/Application Essay Example

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The paper “ Psychology in the School of Humanities and Liberal Arts" is a fascinating example of an application essay on psychology. In reference to the courses offered at Loyola Marymount University, I would like to pursue B. A. Psychology in the school of Humanities and Liberal Arts. I am a high school graduate with good grades in Math and Languages, good listening and writing skills. As a young boy, I had dreamed of joining one of the prestigious universities of my chosen career as a Psychologist and I believe Loyola Marymount University is the ultimate choice for me that will transform and determine my entire future career.

Knowing that college life will be tougher in the absence of my parents, I have put into perspective university’ s discipline, morals and ethics, personal desires, parental advice, social life, costs, and most importantly, the best University in Humanities and Liberal Arts and more especially Psychology (Gray 18). I have gathered enough literature on best Human and Liberal Arts Universities in the world. Besides ranking, an in-depth look of universities programs and majors, lead me to Loyola Marymount University as my university of choice.

The university’ s architecture is magnificent with an extensive and complete state-of-the-art campus comprising of modern teaching and research facilities, library, and laboratory that is ideal for a liberal art student (Fernald 13). Its breathtaking serene environment, cultural diversity, and warmth are compared to no other. Moreover, the university is: - Located in an ideal environment; besides intellectual development, the university is enriched with personal and social scenes as well. This will form part of my integral experience as a complete social being; - Considerably far away from home: I would like time for exploration far away from home.

This will greatly benefit me in interactions from people with the different background; - Committed to Psychology as Major: Loyola Marymount University is committed to Psychology as one of its major teaching programs; - has a well structured Teaching Curriculum: its curriculum is well crafted with clear academic programs and routine procedures; - Easy on academic pressure: it is worth to note that too much academic pressure usually makes students fail. The university doesn’ t push students to academics; it embraces the meaning of intellectuality and creativity, this is evident from the high pass rate of students; Considerate on what is important to me: I highly value the university’ s prestige and its stand on religion.

The student’ s demographics are well blended and this will help me nurturing a well-behaved individual in the society; its healthy competition, the student body, teachers, and as a Catholic institution is outstanding; Institutionally sizable: the class size is large but small enough and this offers the best listening, observing and more hands-on experience training that I aspire forI opted to do Psychology as my profession for no other reason other than my curiosity to understand animal behavior, specifically human beings.

This was prompted from observations of different human behavior and characters; As such, I would like to know how human beings think, learn, feel and act. As a psychologist, I can dissect human characters by carrying out research in a variety of settings including, hospitals, prisons, schools and refugee camps (Gray 26). At the same time, psychology can be done anywhere and in any part of the world.

As mentioned earlier, I am good at reading, writing, and Math; this gives me a cutting edge in analyzing, calculating and recommending my patients. I have no doubt in my mind that at Loyola Marymount University I will get the best platform for my future career as a psychologist. The institution’ s education foundation is all-round, setting the right environment for a young and talented individual with a passion for success. Given a chance at Loyola Marymount University, I am confident of becoming one of the great psychologists that the university will be proud of.  

Download free paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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