Attending Stockton College – Admission/Application Essay Example

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The paper "Attending Stockton College" is a good example of an application/admission essay on education. My educational goal is to gain experience from professional educators in the areas of graphic arts, digital design, and animation. I want to combine my existing talent and high interest in these graphic arts with a solid education so that I can become a leader in this exciting and growing industry. Stockton College seems uniquely equipped to help me pursue this career.   I believe that many factors need to come together for a person to break into the graphic arts industry at this time.

The first factor is talent and a developed eye as an artist. I have always been drawn to the visual arts and have worked hard to develop my talents in various media. Second, I feel that a person needs to be passionate about the art they create. Over the past few summers, I have had the opportunity to participate in several workshops concerning graphic arts, animation, and digital design. I have discovered and developed a passion for this art form. There are seemingly innumerable ways to use graphic arts to make commentary on life and express my vision of the world.

This broad horizon is very attractive to me as an artist. Third and finally, I believe that rigorous and focused education is key to developing the techniques necessary to excel as a professional artist.   Stockton College is very appealing to me because of its excellent reputation for instruction in graphic arts, animation, and digital design. I am also attracted to the individual attention and mentoring that is available at a small school such as Stockton College.

I feel that an intimate atmosphere is best for learning from professional artists and instructors. I feel that Stockton College is where I want to begin my formal education for a career in the visual and digital arts.

Download free paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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