How An M.Ed. Will Contribute To Your Career Goals – Admission/Application Essay Example

The paper "How An M.Ed. Will Contribute To Your Career Goals" is an exceptional example of an educational application essay. As an aspiring school leader and administrator, the Master of Education in Educational Leadership course is a professional and essential preparation that will set the right foundation for achieving school leadership goals. The program will contribute to my career goals by preparing me for various positions in educational leadership. Undertaking the program will predispose me to research and study in teacher effectiveness, academic leadership, and organizational headship. One of my career goals is to drive school success to new heights as an effective leader. Undertaking the M.Ed. the program will prepare me to develop and sustain efficient educators that can help in the realization of this goal. The program will not only give me the ability to choose and execute effective instructional programs and curricula, but also the skills and capacity to recognize, apply, and uphold effective organizational procedures and practices. The M.Ed. in educational leadership program will expose me to theory and practice that are necessary towards becoming an effective educational supervisor and administrator. It will instill vision, skills, and knowledge required to advance high achievement and quality in schools. It will give me competence in applying the knowledge gained in educational organizations. The program will develop me into a leader who can direct the development, improvement, and accomplishment of common goals, mission, vision, and values to support teaching and learning. It will support my career goals by giving me the ability to cultivate quality learning prospects for students as well as the capacity to lead teams towards becoming effective educators. Finally, through the program, I will develop into a strong teacher leader, which is paramount to the high performance of schools. I will have the ability to coordinate school and education system reforms and serve as a motivator for students and fellow teachers.