Health Service Administration – Admission/Application Essay Example

Health Service Administration Health Service Administration Ever since I was a child, I have never dreamt of working in any other field apart from health sector. My interest in the field of health service began when I was taken to a hospital with my mother at the age of six. We took ages at the hospital because there were no adequate computers and qualified personnel at the hospital to generate patients’ records at a reasonable pace. Manual data entry caused a patient his life because too much time was taken developing record for the patient.
I pursued a bachelor degree in library science and information and I intend to use the knowledge I gained to generate database for easy reference and also to develop budgets effectively for health department. It is my belief that pursuing a master degree in health service will open up opportunities for me in government organ, Tigon, and enable me to settle in the field I have desired to be since my childhood. My three year work experience in library will be crucial for finding relevant information easily, thus effective execution of my duties.
Moreover, health service in Saudi Arabia is experiencing tremendous growth and it is my desire to be part and parcel of this development. Even though there are a few women in Saudi Arabia’s health service sector and more would be needed for various positions, pursuing a master degree in health service would be a sure way of getting my way out into the sector I have so much wanted to work in. I hope to be part of development in the health service sector, which I can only achieve by pursuing a master degree in health service.